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  1. lukatxd

    OTClient Problems regarding packages to compile OTC

    Hi everyone, so far I've had issues with the lua.h -> luajit/lua.h stuff which took me SOME time of research because changing to luajit was not enough... the vcpkg and VS2019 were using a different lua file that had a different version. BUT NOW, the problem is with PHYSFS.H and zlib1.lib ...
  2. lukatxd

    Does OTC work with TFS?

    So, I've created a small server to mess with my brother last year but was a TFS 1.3 downgraded by Nekiro to work with tibia 8.6. But now I want to use OTC, because it supposedly has more room to create stuff as I've read. The question is what server/distro should I use to launch a server to be...
  3. lukatxd

    Lua Spell that fires something upwards then rains down like a meteorfall

    I've seen it back in the days but never got my hands on one of these scripts. How am I supposed to make an effect go to some direction without a target? and then how to make it fall from said direction?
  4. lukatxd

    Lua find variables for system in different files

    I'm fiddling with a system of over 3 thousand lines, and it is troublesome to keep going back and forth to read stuff. Is it possible to separate variable declarations/other functions into separate files? file 1: enums declarations file 2: call functions using those enums file 3: call...
  5. lukatxd

    TFS 1.X+ Trade window consider another item as money

    TFS 1.3 downgraded by Nekiro (8.6) I've downloaded a script to make users pay for items using another item as currency. However they can only buy those items when they also have actual money on them. The actual trade works fine, it does remove my custom sword and adds a boots of haste to my...
  6. lukatxd

    Solved creature:getMana and doTargetCombatMana()

    I'm using the TFS 1.3 downgraded by Nekiro to work on Tibia 8.6. This is what happens when I try to use potions: Lua Script Error: [Action Interface] data/actions/scripts/other/potions.lua:onUse data/actions/scripts/other/potions.lua:56: attempt to call global 'doTargetCombatHealth' (a nil...
  7. lukatxd

    Solved Having trouble with stat upgrade script

    I'm trying to install this script in TFS 1.2 downgraded to 8.6 by Nekiro https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-ultimate-item-stat-system-elements-skills-exp-loot-and-more.229771/page-1 But the following errors appear when trying to apply extra stats to items inside bag For debugging purposes...
  8. lukatxd

    LukatxD sprites

    I'm a fan of the Soul Reaver series. So the first two sprites I decided to make for my own server are these two: The physical Soul Reaver, and Raziel's coat. Unfortunately I feel like the coat looks like a clay pot, thats why I added the dark brown part below it. I'll post the "beta versions"...
  9. lukatxd

    Solved [MyAAC] Ports open but shows Forbidden access.

    I'm using windows 10. I can't open my port 80, because it keeps being filtered for some reason (it is open in router and windows firewall). So i'm using the 8080. Here are my forwarded/triggering ports in my router: The site is is indeed working for port 8080. However when trying to...