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  1. jonasu

    First look judgement - Judging a book by its cover

    You find a new server and get on the webpage, what makes you decide if you want to play or not? Anything in perticular you look for when deciding if a server is good enough to play or not. I'm trying to attract more players and feel like something is missing even though I'm confident in the...
  2. jonasu

    [Sweden][8.6][RebornOT] - Realmap STARTING IN 2 HOURS!

    Welcome player! I'm proud to announce that after a period of intensive work I and the team feel confident in what we have achieved with this server and decided to go live. So what is reborn? The goal for us have been to release a server where you can find your way back to fond memories of Tibia...
  3. jonasu

    OpenTibia [TFS 1.3] 8.6 Nekiro Downgrade - Fix for vial of xx

    Hi! Just wanted to share something that i wasn't able to solve for a long time. I could not buy vial of oil from an npc for the longest time so i would like to share this item.otb with you guys that fixed my problem. id 12661-12688 are the donate items for my server. Keep them or remove them as...
  4. jonasu

    TFS 1.X+ 8.6 Nekiro downgrade - Healing paralyze, push delay from distance

    Hi! I'm having issues with healing away the paralyze condition. It takes longer than usual for it to be removed when healing. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Also I was informed by my test players that there is a delay when pushing players from a distance. Your character reaches next...
  5. jonasu

    Using 0.3.6 npc's in 0.4?

    Is there any way to use npc's compatible with 0.3.6 in 0.4 (rev 3879)? Everything works except the trade window, it comes up but you can't buy anything. Errors in console state that modules, npchandler, keywordhandler is where the problem lies within. Help is very appreciated!
  6. jonasu

    [Guide; Linux; Ubuntu] Local server IP: in ubuntu server

    Not sure if I'm the only one who had this problem but I would like to share this with you all as I couldn't find any soloution to this on otland. With a simple fix using WinSCP (in my case) this problem is long gone! Problem: The problem makes people unable to login to the server (you only get...
  7. jonasu

    [Ubuntu] Partition filesyste. ReiserFX, ext3, ext4 etc.. Problems with loggin in. 0.4

    When installing Ubuntu server, in the menu of the partitions. What kind of "filesystem" should I use? I read somewhere that ReiserFS was the best for OTserv, because it could hande small files ALOT faster. Is this the right one to chose? I've gotten a weird problem where i can't login to the...
  8. jonasu

    Possible hosting capacity

    Hello, i did very recently build a computer from some old components. These are the specifications: Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+, 2,4Ghz, L2 cache 1Mb per core. Motherboard: Gigabyte, GigabitLan, DDR2. Memory: 6 Gb, 800Mhz, DDR2 PSU: 520Watt. Harddisk: 7200 Rpm, 500 Gb, 32 Mb Cache...
  9. jonasu

    [TFS 0.3.6:3293] Having problems with thrones in PoI!

    Hey all otlanders! I have recently started a project where I'm using frankfarmers real tibia project. This project however had some quests that were not working. I have fixed most of the quests, but PoI is not working. Everything is working except thrones (its a short poi so thats all that...
  10. jonasu

    What makes an OT-server good?

    Hello all otlanders! I'm wondering, both for interest and use, what makes the server good? What kind of map should it have? Low/high experience? What commands should be there, and etc. Should there be training monks? If its a global/real-map, should it have custom island or just 100% (as...
  11. jonasu

    [Sweden] 8.54 Zornia Global map 24/7

    Fun and serious OT-project with an active staff and frequent updates! Gods/CMs answer almost all the time and helps you out with any problems. Connection info: Website: http://zornia.mine.nu Ip: zornia.mine.nu Client: 8.54 Port: 7171 Uptime: 24h (offline for updates, server saves and...
  12. jonasu

    Somehow players can use the pin code multiple times. Already changed days to counts

    Somehow players can use the pin code multiple times. Already changed days to counts and it still doesnt work. I would be glad if someone could help. Regards, Xitobuh
  13. jonasu

    [HELP] Problem with AACs i ubuntu server 10.4

    Sry if there is some weird grammar on this, i translated through google cuz i originally wrote in the swedish section. A friend and I are putting together an OT server. We started with windows but decided to us the other day to install linux. Except in the case of some mistakes it worked like...
  14. jonasu

    [HELP] Problem med AAC's i ubuntu server 10.4

    Jag och en kompis håller på och sätter ihop en OT server. Vi började med windows men beslutade oss häromdagen för att installera linux. Med untantag för några småmissar så gick det som smort och allt fungerar. Vi följde en guide där man installerade ModernAAC och tfs 0.3.6pl1. Problemet började...