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  1. Marcelo Druida

    [Object Builder] How can I import 64x64 objects?

    Hello. Everytime I try to import some 64x64 objects I get the following error: Parameter pixels has an invalid length. Does anyone know how can I procced without creating every single object using its PNG or BMP?
  2. Marcelo Druida

    Relief Elevation

    Hello! I'm wondering about elevations in the map to produce new environment style. One (or two) picture talks more than 1000 words: What am I looking for? Sprites to fit grounds and perhaps walls. (ramps and steps) If the community helps in this task so this new feature will be available...
  3. Marcelo Druida

    Lua Function creature:moveTo(position)

    Hello!! This function makes the creature walk to the "position". Tested on TFS 1.2 Please report bugs Add on luascript.cpp registerMethod("Creature", "moveTo", LuaScriptInterface::luaCreatureMoveTo); int32_t LuaScriptInterface::luaCreatureMoveTo(lua_State* L) { //creature:moveTo(pos)...
  4. Marcelo Druida


    Hello! Im working on a function that make creatures walk to the destination position. It works fine with players and NPCs but not with monsters int32_t LuaScriptInterface::luaMoveCreatureTo(lua_State* L) { //creature:moveCreatureTo(pos) Creature* creature = getUserdata<Creature>(L...
  5. Marcelo Druida

    Lua move creature to

    Hello! im asking for help to adjust this for TFS 1.x https://otland.net/threads/movecreatureto-cid-pos-mindist-maxdist.95009/ i need to make a creature go for a walk why this doesnt work int32_t LuaScriptInterface::luaMoveCreatureTo(lua_State* L) { //creature:moveCreatureTo(pos)...
  6. Marcelo Druida

    Distance bug with potions

    Hello! I have a problem and could not fix it when using potions you cant shoot distance weapons, its TFS 1.x default i want to change it thanks!
  7. Marcelo Druida

    Monster Passive Monsters

    Hello! Require: TFS 1.x https://otland.net/threads/monster-onselecttarget-self-target.234915/ Passive monster: function onSelectTarget(self, target) if target:getTarget() == self then return true end return false end Monster that attack only strong players function...
  8. Marcelo Druida

    Lua Function Monster onSelectTarget(self, target)

    Hello! This code makes it possible to include some script when the monster sets a target. monster.cpp find: bool Monster::selectTarget(Creature* creature) replace: bool Monster::selectTarget(Creature* creature) { if (!isTarget(creature)) { return false; } auto it =...
  9. Marcelo Druida

    Mapper OTServer recruiting (Already Online)

    Hello! I am looking for a mapper to build a map based on the junction of famous hunting areas and new areas. I give preference to those who already have maps to implement. Please PM me including map pictures.
  10. Marcelo Druida

    Lua Function Player( guid )

    Hello!! This code enables the parameter be the GUID when you need player userdata. tested on TFS 1.x luascripts.cpp // Player int LuaScriptInterface::luaPlayerCreate(lua_State* L) { // Player(id or name or userdata) Player* player; if (isNumber(L, 2)) { if (getNumber<uint32_t>(L...
  11. Marcelo Druida

    Cant walk and graphic bug

    Hello! Using OTClient 10.76: ERROR: /game_interface/gameinterface.lua:322: attempt to call local 'func' (a nil value) only smartWalk work graphic bug: they are not moving
  12. Marcelo Druida

    Connect only using my custom client

    Hello OTLanders! How to make my custom OTClient be the unique allowed to login into my server? Thanks!
  13. Marcelo Druida

    znote's input bug

    hello otlanders! i have a little bug on znote's login form: using firefox on ubuntu's browser and IE 8, no bugs someone can help me?
  14. Marcelo Druida

    Characters List for war server

    hello otlanders! i need a c++ edit to show which characters are online in the acc if offline show server's name ex: Knight (PeugeOT) Marcelo (ONLINE!) Paladin (PeugeOT) Sorcerer (PeugeOT) Mark (ONLINE!) Druid (PeugeOT) someone can help me? tfs 1.1
  15. Marcelo Druida

    Linux Help compiling

    Hello OTLanders! I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and had no sucess compiling TFS 1.0 Reference: https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/wiki/Compiling-on-Ubuntu Thanks!
  16. Marcelo Druida


    Hello OTLanders! I'm using TFS 1.0: int32_t LuaScriptInterface::luaPartyAddMember(lua_State* L) { // party:addMember(player) Player* player = getPlayer(L, 2); Party* party = getUserdata<Party>(L, 1); if (party && player) { pushBoolean(L, party->joinParty(*player)); }...
  17. Marcelo Druida

    set OTClient as mandatory

    Hello OTLanders! need that players cant login to my server using tibia client extra: players cant login using his own otclient, they need to use my custom otclient (better: players cant use their own modules, like candy bot) Thanks!!
  18. Marcelo Druida

    getPlayerID(cid) and others

    Hello OTLanders 3 simple functions that was very useful to me and hope be useful to someone name = getPlayerNameById(7) -- returns database player 7 name id = getPlayerIdByName(Marcelo) -- returns Marcelo's database ID and id = getPlayerID(cid) -- returns player (cid) database ID huge hug!
  19. Marcelo Druida


    hello! there's a way to play online radio streamings instead of sounds? (planning a party haha) thanks, bye!
  20. Marcelo Druida

    TalkAction Elevator system

    Hello friends!! Happy new year! I used The Forgotten Server 0.3.6 Tile itemid 416 Doesn't matter the floor numbers, just do it at z=7 talkactions/scripts/elevator.lua function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) pos = getPlayerPosition(cid) pos.stackpos = 0 floor_id =...