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  1. StreamSide

    Old Version of TFS

    Nowadays there is a lot of people looking for the perfect and full datapack to make their projects, also there is a lot of people looking for older versions of current Tibia so here is my question. Is there anyone who is interested in replicate some old features in the current TFS version? I can...
  2. StreamSide

    Fancy tibia anniversary countdown

    Hello there, I'm not even good at this but I tried and it worked (wasnt that hard) If you dont know what I am talking about, here is a pic. here is the code: [HTML] <script> $(document).ready(function() { // initialize anniversary count down - Pastebin.com really easy to install so thats...
  3. StreamSide

    help with python

    i dont know sh*t about python but im trying to get pyipchanger working for mac and dont undestand why it dont get the *.app extension i just need some hints and whatever thanks in advance.
  4. StreamSide

    Mucha información a sus manos

    Tal vez le sea util a unos más que a otros, como lo fue para mi, pero nunca es malo compartir la información almacenada. Les dejo mi drive con una carpeta llamada "knowledge" con varias guias sobre distintos temas, desde lenguajes de programación hasta tutoriales de distintos sistemas...
  5. StreamSide

    OSX Compile

    Has someone already compiled this for osx? Im with a lot of troubles also I really want to use this cus there isnt tibia/ipchanger for osx If someone could guide me would be really great.
  6. StreamSide

    Compiling Was compiling and! (OSX)

    well I was compiling the last rev of tfs1.0 and a wild error appears [ 47%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/src/luascript.cpp.o /Users/CamilaGonzalez/forgottenserver/src/luascript.cpp:12046:32: error: 'reinterpret_cast' to class 'CombatSpell *' from its base at non-zero...
  7. StreamSide

    Compiling TFS 1.0 for 7.6?

    Just like title says, is there a way to compile tfs 1.0 version for tibia 7.6? I really need help :)
  8. StreamSide

    Compiling Hosting a server on mac?

    Should someone tell me if I can or not, I'm not stupid so please no stupid answers (too much members knows me) Please, simple question & simple answers, if I can, please guide me :) -My english sucks-
  9. StreamSide


    I was thinking on play tibia again, but low levels are so boring and I want a new account so... Who is the best bot (right now)? jajajaj Thanks ppl :)
  10. StreamSide

    Dota2 - Who want to play?

    Just leave your steam id's :) I will add all of it to the first post. Forum Name/Steam Id: ​Streamside/josem2222 :) just gl&hf
  11. StreamSide

    Complaint Spam?

    Really, I don't know where to post it but look at this guy: View Profile: Frikx - OtLand 66+ post only with: "That's okay!"? Really weird guy.
  12. StreamSide

    Lua Console print

    What prints getCreaturePosition(cid) on console? Just that, i'm asking this question because i don't have a server so i can't test it.
  13. StreamSide

    What do you think about Weed? Just for medical use or also for diversity of cultures

    Well, the tittle say all, i just want yours opinions about the use of weed. If you use it or anything else. Thanks. I also will write my opinion about the use of weed (not now cus my english is not excellent). In general, I'm from Chile (penalized) but it's actually a touchy subject for...
  14. StreamSide

    Mas de uno piensa igual

    Bueno, llevo años en este foro, siempre he estado comprometido con todo lo que hacian por el hecho de ser Premium y bueno... he visto un cambio poco favorable en el pensamiento de la gente. Cuando llegue, todo era compañerismo y buena onda, la gente hacia cosas por otros y sin necesariamente...
  15. StreamSide

    Feature Rook System by Elf

    well, is simple, elf do this code and i will show you how to add it.. let start. go to player.cpp and change: if(!inventory[SLOT_BACKPACK]) for if(g_config.getBool(ConfigManager::ROOK_SYSTEM) && level <= (uint32_t)g_config.getNumber(ConfigManager::ROOK_LEVELTO)...
  16. StreamSide

    CreatureEvent Killing in name of...??? something like that

    well, is a old code when i was bored xd is a noob code but can be usefull for someone D: sorry for my bad english :O EDIT: IS IN SPANISH D: function onKill(cid, target) local pos = getCreaturePosition(cid) local config = { ["Minotaur"] = { summonfinal = "The Horned Fox"...
  17. StreamSide

    Complaint Rudolf Banned?

    Mmm... why rudolf banned? :)
  18. StreamSide

    HALP! AJUDA! Script doesnt work D:

    local runemana = { ["2233"] = {{8704}, {2152}, {4} }, -- bp small health potion ["2234"] = {{7618}, {2152}, {9} }, -- bp health potion ["2235"] = {{7620}, {2152}, {10} }, -- bp mana potion ["2236"] = {{7588}, {2152}, {20} }, -- bp strong health potion ["2237"] = {{7589}, {2152}...
  19. StreamSide

    CreatureEvent Rook System

    Well the code is simple but very usefull, go to creaturescripts and create "Rook.lua" and add this: function onPrepareDeath(cid, lastHitKiller, mostDamageKiller) if getPlayerExperience(cid) <= 4620 and getPlayerVocation(cid) ~= 0 then local rookTownID = 1 local rookedGUID...
  20. StreamSide


    Well, with Nahruto help we create a rooksystem, the script is fine but it was an error, we dont know what is the error so i post it :) local config = { levelToRook = 5, rookTempleId = 1, health = 185, mana = 0, level = 1, minutes = 56, vocation = 0 } function...