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  1. XxhadesxX

    Tibia blackjack casino gana tc

    Hola como estan solo queria compartir con ustedes este nuevo casino web donde puedes depositarle tibia coins y jugar a diferentes tipos de juegos dentro de la web. echenle un ojo y veamos que sale de esto. Link: Tibia Blackjack Registrate ahora!
  2. XxhadesxX

    LiteBringer new game

    Hello how are you, I want to present the second chapter of my channel which I tell you about the game recently created by Cipsoft. I will be showing in the following videos and in our Discord group how to make money with LiteBringer and exchange them yourself without an intermediary to the...
  3. XxhadesxX

    LiteBringer Evolucionar items

    Hola como están, quiero presentar el segundo capitulo de mi canal el cual les hablo sobre el juego recién creado por Cipsoft. Estaré mostrando en los siguientes videos y en nuestro grupo de Discord como ganar dinero con LiteBringer y cambiarlos tu mismo sin intermediario a la plataforma de...
  4. XxhadesxX

    Solved Error while parsing, unknown flag 0x24 at id 2025

    How could you solve the error? I have the same problem to shit spr and dat 7.60 any help? Error: [CODE]>> OTB version 3.
  5. XxhadesxX


    Can anyone compile for me without the verification of dat and spr version? please thanks.
  6. XxhadesxX

    List of bots

    jbot unfortunately reads the memory of tibia for which it is detected ... I am working in a healer and I can confirm that I have more than 32 days testing and I still exist.
  7. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    Excuse me, but if this bothers you, you can go somewhere else.
  8. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    I do not really understand what you try to explain to me. I explain myself a little better, I want to make the new window in this way as shown in the image. what commands should I use to form the code and if I really have to do the writing of the OTUI file again?
  9. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    Hi, I think I want another style in my shop window. my store currently: my store as it should be.. edited in photoshop: I hope to give a good idea of what I really want to do. if they can help me, it would be a great job.
  10. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    you're a big friend now if it works correctly :D I will continue adding content. Any problem that I have will not hesitate to ask you. thank you friend, you have helped me a lot :)
  11. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    using your code appears as follows. using my code appears like this, but the margins are lost when you move the main window. My Code: AddonButton < UIButton width: 101 height: 125 margin-left: 5 Panel AddonButton image-source: /modules/game_shop/images/buttonimg/addon_assassin...
  12. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    I have a problem creating the box6, the box6 is created above the box1, and when moving with the mause the main window, the row above does not stay in the margins. code otui: AddonButton < UIButton width: 101 height: 125 margin-left: 5 Panel AddonButton image-source...
  13. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    Thanks for replying friend, I managed to get more images added to the box, but now I'm trying to add the new images in the bottom row, I have problems there. I will keep trying and if I can not solve it I will notify you to help me.
  14. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    thanks for your answer. I managed to solve the margins using photophop graphics editor. When I put margin-left: 5 the pictures disappear from the box. I have another problem, when I try to add the fourth image, all the previous images disappear. I am doing something wrong? or do I need some...
  15. XxhadesxX

    [Module] game_shop

    Could you pass me the margins of the addons.otui file?
  16. XxhadesxX

    7.7 Tibia Blast Networks RealMap Project

    I like your idea, really put the quest, but not all missions. just a few. :)
  17. XxhadesxX

    7.7 Tibia Blast Networks RealMap Project

    Hello OTlanders! What is expected in this release MMORPG game called "tepid" in a nutshell "is to incorporate the new updates of the newest versions to an older platform" that is the mission of this project, because many fans will warm really excited about this. Perhaps many of you have ever...
  18. XxhadesxX

    [8.x] Tibia World RPG is coming back - What Cipsoft should do

    very good project friend