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  1. Snurq

    [POLAND] [10.98] Vesiana

    lol that faked info
  2. Snurq

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    @joncis Where is that Asura Tower?
  3. Snurq

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    P2W killed that server at start, only addons, mounts, and crown helmet should be aviable from shop. Knight with boots can spam exori, you can buy potions/runes from shop for cheap, VIP items are beast (yeye, master ubral items are better, gl farming them bois) btw; Umbral Master Slayer Atk...
  4. Snurq

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    Bots allowed? There is 0 mention about this in rules.
  5. Snurq

    [Sweden][10.98] Revolution OT Alpha/beta. Planned Release January 2020

    At January 2020 there will be reset?
  6. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

  7. Snurq

    addicted to tibia

    kinda, cant leave this shit like forever, have to back atleast every once a year
  8. Snurq

    [USA][custom 10.77] New Tibia Survival - RPG and survival(craft,farm..)- reopened 07/26/19

    Yeah lol it's good OT, I played it with my boi Homeslice ;)
  9. Snurq

    [USA] [10.77] Call of Darkness - Starts 5/4/19

    Well, played this a while ago. Can recommend that, alot of good memories coming back :)
  10. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

    Whoa, I love the feeling its still keep going well, and lots of players enjoys it :) Keep doing updates! Greeting's from one of first players, Snurq :)
  11. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

  12. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

    Deam, lot of time passes
  13. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

    People can't wait, thats good tho x)
  14. Snurq

    Block Renegeration

    why dont just remove certain amount of hp/mana every x sec?
  15. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

  16. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

    Cant wait deammmm :D
  17. Snurq

    [Germany] [10.98] - Evolunia

    Yeah! We want play
  18. Snurq

    [USA] Valor Online - 10.98 Custom RPG Evolutions

    Whoa, starter island really rocks