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  1. Zoolek

    Lua Paralyze rune

    Hey i want paralyze rune work as "speedchange -500" instaed of "paralyze" just like monsters example: I want something like this: <attack name="speed" interval="1000" chance="8" target="1" speedchange="-500" duration="60000"> -- something like this i want...
  2. Zoolek

    Opening ports

    Im doing something wrong? or? I want to open tibia ports gameplay/webside
  3. Zoolek

    Windows Which znoteacc

    Hey im using this tfs 0.4: https://otland.net/threads/8-60-the-forgotten-server-0-4.240240/ edited config.php: " // TFS 0.2 = TFS_02 // TFS 0.3 = TFS_03 (If ur using 0.3.6, set $config['salt'] to false)! // TFS 0.4 = TFS_03 // TFS 1.0 = TFS_10 (Under developement)...
  4. Zoolek

    Tfs 0.4 3777 - speed boost

    Where can i find speed boosts ? There is few speed boosts right? if player get x speed he gets y speed boost? I just want to delete 181+ speed boosts where can i do it?
  5. Zoolek

    Tfs 0.4 3777 - master (map click)

    I use this client and i map click (right click on map) on x sqm client wont stop going there unless i click "esc". After i click right click on x sqm and i spam right arrow it keeps trying to going to x sqm. Even after i go 5 sqm right any idea?
  6. Zoolek

    Spell cooldown

    How to make same cooldown on every spells
  7. Zoolek

    Server 8.6

    These days which distributions would u use to make 8.6 stable server?
  8. Zoolek

    Chrome - procesor?

    Czemu chrome tak żre a chwile później już nie?
  9. Zoolek

    Looking for bot to kasteria.pl

    Any1 may help? elfbot would be great
  10. Zoolek

    Windows Looking for rme 7.92

    Any1 got it?
  11. Zoolek


    y0 Chce ustawic zeby muzyka z media playera grala w sluchawkach a wszystko inne z "glosnikow w monitorze" gdzie znajde taka opcje? Da rade cos takiego zrobic na 1 karcie dzwiekowej?
  12. Zoolek

    Lua Where was the function

    I want players to hit same dmg to monsters & players. Cant find where it was ;s
  13. Zoolek

    Lua 0 frags and red skull relog doesnt help

    Why when i use frag remover it clean frags, but when i relog red skull still exists? I have 0 frags i shoudnt be rs? Frag remover local config = { item = 9999, -- item id level = 1, -- min lvl count = 0 } function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) if getPlayerLevel(cid) >=...
  14. Zoolek

    Top fragers

    How to make this script count every last hit not only unjustified <?php //Script by Elf //Made for Modern AAC by Paxton require("config.php"); $ots = POT::getInstance(); $ots->connect(POT::DB_MYSQL, connection()); $SQL = $ots->getDBHandle(); echo '<div style="text-align: center; font-weight...
  15. Zoolek

    [Poland] Kosmos OTS | HIT | PVP-e | EVO | START 16.02 | Epic Quests

    Ots by player for players! OTS made for PVP Kosmos OTS coming back after 8 years... "New record: 766 players are logged in." - 2009 What is so special in this ot: 1. Runes end, potions & amunition dont (small stones does ^^) 2. Every item from sms shop you can get in game (quests) 3. Balanced...
  16. Zoolek

    Why i cant make theard on Advertisement

    Whats wrong? When i click "Post new theard" everything is ok but when i post this as theard: Something loading and nothing changes, no info whats wrong nothing.
  17. Zoolek

    Strona z kamerami

    Kiedyś widziałem stronę która umożliwiała oglądanie "publicznych" kamer. Zna ktoś?
  18. Zoolek

    Webside - lastnews

    How can i add some graphic under "name of last news and in the end where is "by author" example: --- News (name) ---- graphic here text text text text --- By Zoolek --- graphic here its hard to see...
  19. Zoolek

    Lua Speedchange vs paralyze

    How to make healing spells heal from "speedchange" ? I dont like to make monster paralyze, prefer them to "speedchange" like this: <attack name="speed" interval="1000" chance="90" range="7" speedchange="-600" duration="40000"> Tested it, but doesnt work: setCombatParam(combat...