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    Big problem on my Console

    Hello there, can you help me with a big problem on my ot ? I am able to pay you if you can fix my problem. when the players login on the server , the console get crashed and shows this message a lot of times. Warning -- getVocation: Vocationd id 4294967295 not found. by the way, this problem...
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    This problem happened yesterday, when implementing a reset system, which replaced all the vocations of all the players to vocation = 0, when I turn on my server the players log in and that message appears on the console, I already looked for the vocation 4294967295, but it does not exist in any...
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    Help me with this command please :c

    I want to make this command /mc and that it shows in an orderly way by ip the names of those who have the same ip. EXAMPLE: 23:26 Archer ( 23:26 Aborted ( 23:26 Skiper ( 23:26 Satana ( 23:26 Ferumbraz ( 23:26 Layder...
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    Post your best SPRITES below, or any sprite to share with the community <3 1626697503 1626697594 1626697673
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    I need good maps( .otbm) RME 8.60

    Im looking for good maps and originals. Like hunting zones, quests, etc..
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    I need an Auto Updater to my 8.60 Old Client

    Need an auto updater to my files .SPR and .DAT, Im using the Old tibia client, with my perfect version 8.60 <3 Please help me i love u guys <3
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    Auto updater Mobile Client

    Can someone have idea how to use the Auto updater on Android Client? Im looking for a guide. Please help me <3
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    VIP System on Players

    Im trying to do VIP system but it works only in Players database. I have this script named "vipend.lua" , on creaturescripts. function onLogin(cid) local temple = { x =32369, y = 32241, z = 7} if getPlayerVipDay(cid) >= 1 then if getPlayerStorageValue(cid,55556) ~= 1 then...
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    Reward on levels

    I have this script and TFS 0.4 local c = { [{1,5}] = { -- sorcerer [50] = {items = {{itemid = 2160, count = 5}}, storage = 40953}, [100] = {items = {{itemid = 2160, count = 10}}, storage = 40954}, [200] = {items = {{itemid = 2160, count = 20}}, storage = 40955} }...
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    Help with bomberman event!

    I have this script for Bomberman event... What I want is that instead of item 9468 (blockID) being destroyed I want it to become item 12372. function getPlayersInRange(position, radiusx, radiusy) local creaturesList = {} for x = -radiusx, radiusx do for y = -radiusy, radiusy do if not (x == 0...
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    Player Winner in Event.

    Hello my friends, I wanted to ask you a huge favor, if someone has a script for when there is only one player in a specific area, only this player is teleported to a position. Example: I won the event "The last man standing" and when I was the only player in that area, I teleported to a...
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    I need to make my client 8.60 with extended sprites

    When i tried to open the client, it debugs or not open the .dat, can someone please help me?
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    I have Error on MySQL

    Hello there, Im new on OTLAND, and my problem is the next... I try doing this SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet = 16776192; but the problem still persists.... Also modify the xampp / mysql / bin / my.ini file and change 16M to 64M and I still have that error, it happens every time in the console...