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  1. Silba

    otland lagging?

    All of the above, same for me.
  2. Silba

    Question about edited tibia.dat

    Client will debug if you don't have the correct files or can act VERY weird if it doesn't debug regarding new/modified items, especially ones you can interact with. So yes you must supply your modified files to your players somehow or it could get ugly pretty quickly. Yes mostly every 8.6 uses...
  3. Silba

    Lua Help with Syntax problem in spell "player nil value"

    local buffTime = 3 -- seconds local condition = Condition(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_BUFF_SPELL, true) condition:setParameter(CONDITION_PARAM_TICKS, buffTime * 1000) local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT...
  4. Silba

    Lua Help with Syntax problem in spell "player nil value"

    You trying to temporarily increase the players max health? or just heal?
  5. Silba

    Lua Help with Syntax problem in spell "player nil value"

    Did you try what oen suggested?
  6. Silba

    TFS 1.X+ Where Are distance effects?

    You should mark Xikini as correct answer, tools.cpp and const.h both contain the effects you were looking for and are where you would add your own. The 60 you have represents one of those effects as defined in const.h. combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_SMALLSTONE) =...
  7. Silba

    TFS 1.4| 10.98 | RME Bug Quests for Chest not working?

    Not sure what you mean but if you're talking about quest doors then you just set the quest door action id to the storage value that the player is given from the quest, for a chest quest you just set the door action id to the chest unique id, then they can only open the door once they open the chest.
  8. Silba

    TFS 1.4| 10.98 | RME Bug Quests for Chest not working?

    default quest system uses unique id, so to get snakebite rod from chest you put unique id as 2182 which is the same item id as snakebite rod. It's a very stupid and inflexible system, but that's how it works.
  9. Silba

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online

    That's a lot of words for "I don't know what war is". Everything you just said amplifies the point of my earlier post. The 'wars' you want and a tibiantis style war are completely different things, that doesn't mean it's not a war. A tibiantis war would closely resemble an actual war, your...
  10. Silba

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online

    So now you admit it's not about war. It's about you wanting constant pvp action. As far as I'm aware all of the "constant pvp action" servers last a few weeks and then the teams move on and wait for the next relaunch. It's not possible to sustain war(s) on oldschool servers without extreme abuse...
  11. Silba

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    In the code I sent you, it adds soul at the same interval as stamina(because it's in the same function) and then adds the same amount of soul as stamina also because I used the same value of config.addTime which is defined here: so player:addSoul(config.addtime) is the same as player:addSoul(1)...
  12. Silba

    [UK][7.4] Tibiantis Online

    The war culture you want is toxic, the war culture of tibiantis style servers is still quite toxic, potentially more so but it's not the same. Just because it's a different war culture doesn't mean there is none. You don't sound like someone who played rl 7.x or any decent low rate rlots, just...
  13. Silba

    [TFS 1.4] Revscripts spell: Empower Summons (Monster AI)

    Very cool, will be playing with this for sure :D thanks for sharing
  14. Silba

    OvH is down :D

    Back up for me now ^.^
  15. Silba

    OvH is down :D

    you spoke too soon? I can't access much of their website and services, or my server in france.
  16. Silba

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    easy and dirty way is to put it inside the addStamina function then the player will gain soul every time the player gains stamina, you should be able to modify this with ease to suit your needs. local function addStamina(cid) local player = Player(cid) if not player then...
  17. Silba

    Custom client with bot.

    if not otcv8 then just modify cip client ip to yours: Custom Client [8.6 - 10.XX] (https://otland.net/threads/custom-client-8-6-10-xx.212219/) elfbot will still work then
  18. Silba

    Tibiaservers.org - The new otservlist with a votifier system

    You miss his point, the very fact "this is not a new system" is exactly why we know it's abuseable. Whatever jargon you want to spew about "monitored and controlled" and "fair and competitive" won't change that lol if anything it makes you less trustworthy because you're not being honest. We're...
  19. Silba

    tfs 1.3 wand with attack

    They way I know would be using CALLBACK_PARAM_SKILLVALUE instead of CALLBACK_PARAM_LEVELMAGICVALUE This will do SD damage + the attack value of the currently equipped weapon. function onGetFormulaValues(player, skill, attack) local level = player:getLevel() -- so we still have access to...
  20. Silba

    Sprites by Saphron

    Typical of bad upscaling, fine details and straight lines are smoothed and bent out of existence and it ends up looking like a bad oil painting usually not very noticeable unless zoomed in, seems these guys took it a bit too far lol. Personally I absolutely hate the end result of these sprites...