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  1. Ghamie

    Battlefield 3

    New trailer from actual gameplay <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxDDa6kM_Hs
  2. Ghamie

    RME Extensions

    Hio, after modifying RME extensions to fit my otb file, I'm stuck with this kind of issue where I can't use same item id for 2 wall types and I couldn't find any other pilar Hope it's understandable enough, especially for people like Grehy ^^
  3. Ghamie

    RME 2.1 bug

    Hai, when opening new rme by default (8.6 client) I'm getting this error. However 8.54 client worked normally
  4. Ghamie

    Windows Adding new attribute

    Hello, I've been stuck for few days with the issue how to add new attribute key that would meet my requirements. What everything is needed to edit? If there already is similar attribute, can I just copy past most of the code? For any help, or link to tutorial (if exists, couldn't find)...
  5. Ghamie

    Song name????

    Hai, could anyone get me this song name? Well, dunno if it's actually a song, but :D Flash loop - pwned - - hh, japanese - 551
  6. Ghamie

    Custom sprites and .gfx file

    Hi there, I'd like to know how is it possible if I got custom client installed, and I want to transfer .gfx file to .spr file. So I would be able to open my tibia.exe (8.4), but using custom sprites. Because I don't want to ppl to download client, as they don't trust it :/
  7. Ghamie

    [Slovakia] Brabexia 7.1

    I can proudly present, Brabexia 7.1 To move diagonaly, push yourself IP: oldskool.no-ip.org ACC 111111/tibia The old, perfectly done brabexia map. Mostly for pvp-e, some quests. Tibia Client Download for 7.1 client. To change IP use either IP changer or Options -> Network -> IP...
  8. Ghamie

    Tutors & Commands

    Hi, Could someone tell me how to add commands for tutors ? Since it doesn't work for me or idk ;/ I just would like to let tutors use broadcast