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  1. abes800

    [France] [Custom / 8.0] Kasteria | ELOTH TEAM | NEW ANTI-BOT CLIENT| 4 JUNE AT 18:00 CEST

    Do someone sell any char 140+ MS or ED????
  2. abes800

    [Switzerland][7.4] Classicus RPG

    Did not get any 30% more points when i donated can we fix this?
  3. abes800

    [FRANCE] Thandoria RL 8.6 + 8 towns START 1/4 (Events, Daily Tasks, War System, Boss raids)

    I am the owner of the old Thandoria whats your name :)??
  4. abes800


    Long time ago I played tibia, but I know that eloth is worth to play will be there!!
  5. abes800

    [Switzerland] Classicus 7.4 - SERVER ONLINE - EXTRA CONTENT ANNOUNCED!

    Hello, why is it so much lags? And will it be any reset or rollback????
  6. abes800

    [League of Legends] General Discussion

    Do anyone use Cursevoice?
  7. abes800

    Bmx Thread

  8. abes800

    OT Flash Client (Would you use it?)

    Client ofc :)
  9. abes800

    [Germany] OriginalTibia [RPG/PVP] [8.0] | 100% REALMAP | Authentic PvP | - ONLINE

    maybe check the website?? What does it mean with FAQ on the website
  10. abes800


    Han baah stabilt vilken snubbe
  11. abes800

    Linux Network DDoS

    If they even respond, Ovh support is bad
  12. abes800

    [SWEDEN] GhostOT 8.6 Evo Opening on Sunday 14-09-2014 18:00 Swedish time!

    The website is still down for me...
  13. abes800

    [Germany] OriginalTibia [RPG/PVP] [8.0] | 100% REALMAP | Authentic PvP | - ONLINE

    Wont be so good with rookuard i think. To much ppl will start and rookguard will be fuckt up :)
  14. abes800

    Guess the age of the next poster!

    Nope Next one is 30
  15. abes800

    OriginalTibia 8.0 - discussion thread.

    Nice work! :)
  16. abes800


    Someone still play?