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  1. PB3LL

    setPlayerStorageValue only accepting values 1 or 0

    has anyone ever encountered this issue? for some reason I am only able to set values to '0' or '1' when using lua. i can manually change values in database of course. when i use setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 92000, 0) = it works when i use setPlayerStorageValue(cid, 92000, 1) = it works when i...
  2. PB3LL

    Script Format and 'end' Statements - $10 usd for your help.

    I have 2 scripts which need to be corrected. Some of the code works and some doesn't. There were previous errors in the console regarding end statements and about a year ago, when I didn't know exactly what I was doing, I just threw in a bunch of end statements to try and correct what I thought...
  3. PB3LL

    Count players with storage ID, php

    I am looking for a php script that will display a table showing the amount of players in trainers. On my server i want to count and display the amount of players in trainers, depending on the trainers they are using. Without listing the player names is it possible to show how many players are...
  4. PB3LL

    4 Small .php Tasks - $5 each completed task

    I am having a few small issues that I wouldn't mind paying to get a solution to. I am using tfs 0.4 running 8.6. I will pay $5 via paypal for each fix. Issue #1: Banned Players Page - $5 FIXED by Baracs! Issue #2-3 Admin Skills Page - $10 (2 tasks) FIXED by Thaian Citizen FIXED by Thaian Citizen
  5. PB3LL

    Fatal Error: call to undefined function online_list()

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function online_list() in /home/otsmanager/www/public_html/layout/sub/whoisonline.php:33 Stack trace: #0 /home/otsmanager/www/public_html/sub.php(4): require_once() #1 {main} thrown in /home/otsmanager/www/public_html/layout/sub/whoisonline.php on...
  6. PB3LL

    from 0.3.6 to 0.4, i developed an issue.

    function onThink(cid, interval) if isCreature(cid) then if getPlayerStorageValue(cid, eventConfig.ctfFlagStorage) > 0 then doSendMagicEffect(getCreaturePosition(cid), eventConfig.ctfFlagEffect) end end return true end eventConfig.ctfFlagEffect is set to...
  7. PB3LL

    $20 usd if you help me setup my server on my spigu hosting service

    thanks! got enough help.
  8. PB3LL

    Compiling Map and Scripts finished, whats next?

    Hello and thanks for viewing my thread. I have some questions regarding compiling and putting a server online: I am using tfs 0.3.6 crying damson v8 & I have just finished creating and testing my map and lua scripts. This is where I am confused: Do I need to compile now or can I go straight...
  9. PB3LL

    Need help trying to delay a Broadcast

    I am finding myself editing a script that already has an interval of 1 <globalevent name="waitingroomcheck" interval="1" event="script" value="eventsystem/waitingroomcheck.lua"/> If I needed to add a interval for the broadcast, is there a way of doing this using 0.3.6? I tried, with no...
  10. PB3LL

    Mapper Attention Mappers! Paying $100 for maps!

    Hello guys! As I look for new maps I also bring forward the chance for some people to make some money! Everyone could use some money so why not submit your idea and make money from your mapping? How do you get in on it? Easy. Here's what you do: 1. Post screenshots of the area you mapped out...