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  1. azzmckay6


    hey guys, really struggling with this and its starting to drive me pretty insane xD i have my website up and running, and alot of images are working, but there are still images that seem to be broken, these are all items that we have added ourselves from clients newer than ours.. my question...
  2. azzmckay6

    Paid job.

    Hello otland community, Im reaching out here, to you.. in hopes of finding someone who may want a bit of work with Video Editing. If so, please message me privately, and we can chat about the job itself and discuss payment. many thanks.
  3. azzmckay6


    Currently having an issue with depots, when using the depot more than once the server crashes... just comes up saying 'Killed' on serverlog. any ideas?
  4. azzmckay6

    [USA] [8.6] - AdNauseumOT

    Welcome to AdNauseumOT We at Adnauseum are aiming to create a serious, longliving server with plenty to enjoy, bringing some of the fun back into tibia that may have been lost along the way. Our aim is to have a serious server, with competitive rates to keep your feet on the ground. We have...
  5. azzmckay6


    Currently having issues with Znote setup using Don's service. it seems like it is not finding PHP files/not invoking php. any help would be hugely appreciated
  6. azzmckay6

    Database issue

    Hey guys, looking for a bit of help with solving my current issue.. my database is unable to save players, i get this error code: [Error - mysql_real_query] Query: UPDATE players SET level = 8,group_id = 1,vocation = 3,health = 185,healthmax = 185,experience = 4200,lookbody = 0,lookfeet =...
  7. azzmckay6


    Just here looking for some help from someone out there.. recently got my server up and running but encountering problems when it comes to using potions, it says there is an error within my potions.lua but i have no idea what i am looking out for.. many thanks.
  8. azzmckay6


    Hello, Recently gotten a service from Don Daniello, but with the server i have received, i have a TFS folder, without the .exe to run the server. wondering if anyone could help me out with any solutions? I am new to this, so this could be the biggest noob question of all :) thanks
  9. azzmckay6


    I have recently starting experimenting, which has led me to this problem. i have followed tutorial, and everything has worked fine up untill i get to making an account/character. it allows me to make the account, but then when i go to log in on the website, it says my details are incorrect...
  10. azzmckay6

    how to add Item attributes

    Hello. Quick post asking for help, i am trying to add attributes to items that currently do not have any. I have edited Items.xml but the attributes are not currently working after only editing this file. Could someone help me out? thanks.
  11. azzmckay6

    Looking for a scripter.

    Hey guys. I'm here looking for the services of a experienced scripter for some work needing completed. If you could contact me directly and we can discuss the job at hand & the pay rates etc. Many thanks.
  12. azzmckay6

    [USA] [10.98] OlympiaOT | Dedicated and long term | Regular updates and bug fixes | Based on 8.6 | FRESH SERVER

    Hello all, and welcome to: OlympiaOT! Our vision, is to supply you with a stable, long-serving server, which will aim to bring back some of those old school tibia memories, such as making friends (and foes) while hunting and realizing your dream as an adventurer, along with giving you some...