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  1. Gubailovo

    changing the module OTClient

    Good day gentlemen I need to upgrade the module OTClient 1. Add 1 image module. (if possible from the client itself) 2. In the window highlighted under the number 2, add 1 more branch. looks like this: .....1.1 quest ............... 2.1 combat ........................3.1text...
  2. Gubailovo

    greedy goblin

    Hi all. no one has a greedy goblin? how in diablo? or something similar to it? the main thing with a big bag behind your back.
  3. Gubailovo

    game healthinfo

    for a long time I tried to figure it out, but to no avail. could you help me with that? I need to change the display of fishing skill to display mana. and exchange experience with mana. life mana an experience stamina Icons = {} Icons[1] = { tooltip = tr('You are poisoned'), path =...
  4. Gubailovo

    the database does not save the character on exit.

    gives an error like this MYSQL ERROR DBResult::GetDataInt() MYSQL ERROR mysql_real_query: UPDATE `players` SET `level` = 20, `vocation` = 0, `health` = 250, `healthmax` = 250, `direction` = 0, `experience` = 100010, `promoted` = 0, `banned` = 0, `banstart` = 0, `banend` = 0, `comment` = 'No...
  5. Gubailovo

    Lua [1.3] Bomberman 💣💥 - luaCreateAction error

    this post Action - [1.3] Bomberman 💣💥 (https://otland.net/threads/1-3-bomberman.275894/) I get this error, what am I doing wrong? Lua Script Error: [Test Interface] data/actions/scripts/castom/bomberman.lua LuaScriptInterface::luaCreateAction(). Actions can only be registered in the Scripts...
  6. Gubailovo

    MyAAC problem

    I use the names of vocations on the server in my language I have to change the encoding from UTF-8 to ANSI. because of this i am getting several errors for example in highscores it gives me this errorC:\xampp\htdocs\1098serverport7179\system\pages\highscores.php on line 355...
  7. Gubailovo

    MyAAC Gesior

    help with the table of monsters please. I want the "Summonable Mana" column to display the monster image, and the "Convinceable Mana" column to display the loot image. <?php /** * Creatures * * @package MyAAC * @author Gesior <je[email protected]> * @author Slawkens...
  8. Gubailovo

    compilation tfs 1.3

    paid work. it is necessary to compile the server with the addition of Cyrillic.
  9. Gubailovo

    transfer custom map from 7.6 to 10.98

    the map is small (there are mixed sprites). paid work. if anyone is interested, write
  10. Gubailovo

    otclient for android

    Hello everyone. Has anyone translated the mobile application into their language? I'm wondering how to do this? I figured out the server side, all objects and words in the client are translated. But I can write to the chat only in English. (but this does not suit me, there is no communication...
  11. Gubailovo

    no visual display of the attack.

    when attacking a monster, there is no visual display of hits from the player's side (and the monster does not die). after changing the location, the display appears. the attack on the character from the side of the monster is visible. Tell me what could be the problem? 1611518698 no one has any...
  12. Gubailovo

    OTclient mobail problem

    i faced such problem. on my server there is no dialogue trade with the NPC (when you click on the NPC, the counter opens). in the mobile version, and it does not allow the use of the NPC. have any ideas how to fix this?
  13. Gubailovo

    problem with OT client

    if you have time help me to deal with the client. the problem is that I can log in through the client locally. but upon entering the dedicated seorver it gives an error (10051). all ports and permissions are open. logs into the account on the list of characters (creates characters in the...
  14. Gubailovo

    stackable attribute

    I can not add the stackable option through the item iditor. how to register it through lua? I am also interested in the attack attributes of the defense and the slot (weapons, leggings, boots, armor, helmet, ring, obesity)
  15. Gubailovo

    I am looking for someone who will add some functions to my client

    I need to add an account manager to my client (there is a character manager there but it works 90% (does not create an ID for the character)) you need to add an account manager and fix the character manager a little. paid work
  16. Gubailovo

    monsters 7.6

    I understand that in Tibia 7.6 the maximum number of monsters is 250? How to increase this number? Is there some way without upgrading the server version?
  17. Gubailovo

    oh this server ("")0_o("") i need healp

    I cannot change the type of weapon, equipment slot, attack and defense. through the item iditor, only the selected one is edited. I looked through everything I can (did not find an answer). The server is very user-friendly. Only buffs to equipment or weapons are added through the HML item. I...
  18. Gubailovo


    item editor stores only the name of the item, its description and weight (some flags do not work (use, attack, defense and some others)) how to add use manually to the item XML file used this item-editor-760.zip and the images are not displayed...
  19. Gubailovo

    Quest Window

    help can't understand what the problem is \data\npc\scripts\Farko --:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: --System name: Darkonia RPG --Short Desc: old-style MMoRPG --Version: 5.0 --Authors: Torian Kel --Date: 10 февраля, 2017 --Update: 08 мая, 2018 --Modul Desc: скрипт NPC Farko --Паладин...
  20. Gubailovo

    account manager Gesior AAC Nicaw AAC Znote AAC.......

    I have tried almost every account manager I have found on this site and on several others (but none of them are suitable) can you advise something? maybe there is some alternative to the account manager (maybe some kind of external account creator?) to manually compose in the database is...