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  1. Jpstafe

    query about my website(znote)

    Hello I wanted to know how I can reset the counter of my page .. where it says "Arkonia Online 7.4 will start in: SERVER STARTED!" and remove this panel from Facebook
  2. Jpstafe

    How do I move this bar? Otclient

    hello I would like to delete this bar, for my ot oldschool, I see that it is not necessary .. I already have the common hotckey bars well, I just need to delete this
  3. Jpstafe

    problem to recognize mana fluid 7.72

    I have made a script so that you can buy the manafluid by bp with lever .. but I do not take it, it only gives a water vial .. they recommended me to make a separate posion for that, but I have done it and it gives me a lot of errors .. I wanted to know if there is no other way .. script...
  4. Jpstafe

    error when walking along the edge

    hello otland community, i have a problem when i want to walk along the edge in the grass, this happens to me, i have gone to my Object Builder In all sqm, from the pasture I have deactivated "impassable" and so and everything keeps giving me an error .. any solution?
  5. Jpstafe

    Battle window not working Otclient

    hello good afternoon otland community, I have an error with my otclient, when I want to attack any monster by battle the rune does not come out..when I attack mele if it takes me .. only with rune I cannot attack by battle .. solution? when I attack with mele yes, allow me, with runes no...
  6. Jpstafe

    Znote Account Created Error

    Hello when I want to create my account on my website, I get this error Register Account string(142) "INSERT INTO `accounts` (`name`, `password`, `email`) VALUES ('4104122', '1bcac4971ae6df0be5e1d27f01eb26d90933dff1', '[email protected]')" (query - SQL error) Type: voidQuery (voidQuery is...
  7. Jpstafe

    Task Lasthit change

    hello otland community .. my task system, the last one who kills the monster kills .. only one, not all.. How do I get it to kill everything? I don't want it to be lasthit .. but for everyone task.xml <event type="kill" name="KillTask" event="script"><![CDATA[ domodlib('task_func') function...
  8. Jpstafe

    Otclient graph error 7.72

    Hello, a friend who had his username gave me his otclient, with all the folders released so that I have free edition of them .. I have only put the Tibia.Dat, Tibia.Spr and I have changed the ip, it starts me without problem, But when I enter it appears like this, the items where they should not...
  9. Jpstafe


    Hello otland community, I have been given an otclient for my version 7.72, when I enter I get this error .. the person who gave me the solution to fix the problem, it does not work because I am using sqlite, not mysql the client is otclient .. how do I solve this problem?
  10. Jpstafe

    Exhausted from my rune

    Hello community, I wanted to ask you how I could lower your ex-you of the uh .. when I throw one uh, it takes 2 seconds to be able to throw the other uh ... the exhausted change it from spells.xml ... but it did not work, if you change some spell like "utani great hur" if you take the change...
  11. Jpstafe

    Change Skin Tibia client 7.72

    Hello Otland community, I would like to know how I can return this client to normality .. it is attached to my server .. if I use the normal 7.72 client, it does not let me enter my ot, how do I have to change it to the normal client? since I want to start working it in otclients, and with the...
  12. Jpstafe

    Remere's Map Editor Error

    Hello, tibiana community, I had a problem when wanting to edit my map, with remere .. when something the least change I get this error .. I go to the program and delete the items that are giving error and thus, I pass deleting items .. Is there a faster solution? I have used the remere that the...
  13. Jpstafe

    Tibria Client questions

    Hello Comunity A few months ago there was a post to download the client to use Tibiantis, and in the comments there was the tutorial on how to compile it and change the ip, and several more errors .. has it disappeared? I could not find a tutorial on how to do it anywhere run this client Does...
  14. Jpstafe

    how to do experience quest¿

    Hello, how can I do so that in a quest, a chest should give you an experience ?, not just a chest .. any items you put on the map, that you click and it gives you experience the version I use is 7.6,
  15. Jpstafe

    Error compiling my otx(help)

    when the compilation is about to finish, in the weapons.cpp part I get this error .. any solution? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gravedad Código Descripción Proyecto Archivo Línea Estado de supresión Error...
  16. Jpstafe

    unable to load items(OTB) OTX lord zedd

    I want to try this otx version 7.72 but I get this error .. how can I change the protocol version, from what I saw this in 8.6 I don't know if that influences the error .. can someone help me? - I have tried this option, but it has not worked. skipItemsVersionCheck = false this is the otx...
  17. Jpstafe

    Anyone know about these files? Can you help with this 8.6 server?

    Hello community, I have downloaded from the internet an otserver version 8.6 with old school features, in terms of spells, and other things this is the server link: https://otland.net/threads/8-6-retro-tibia-8-6-with-7-x-caracteristicas.226271/ the problem i am in is that it has no mysql...
  18. Jpstafe

    Install web XAMP (ERROR)

    Hello community, when I want to install the page in xamp .. I go to the link of .. I get the following error .. "Fatal error: Call to a member function query () on a non-object in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ install.php on line 4 ".. the manager I am trying to put is...
  19. Jpstafe

    Runes and mana running error ..

    hello, here I bring a video of the error that I have, when I stand up, run the runes well, with the exhausted well .. but when I walk it is different .. which can be, I have followed some tutorials here in ottland in changing some lines in Player .cdd but nothing worked for me any ideas to...
  20. Jpstafe

    Error my server :(

    Hello community, I have a problem with an othire 0.0.3 server, when I open it it is offline ... the ports I have correctly opened ... I have checked it with two other servers that I have and they open perfectly, this server that I try to open is with page ... and it won't let me enter with my...