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  1. ralke

    [1.X] Hitchance on paladins

    Hi again! I use TFS 1.4 by nekiro (8.60 downgrade) and wondering about paladin's hitchance. When I host servers, I usually get player's feedback that paladins doesn't hit the times they should, they just miss too many attacks. I know that there's some possibilities to raise the paladin's hit...
  2. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ NPC [ShopModule.onSell]

    Hi again! I'm having a constant error, but I can't figure out what is triggering it. I use TFS 1.4 downgrade by nekiro (8.6), it says that players are attempting to sell a non-sellable item, but, don't know which NPC might have this problem, there's any way to fix this, or locate the error by...
  3. ralke

    Lua [1.X] Soul gain while standing on tile

    Hi! I wonder if you can help me again at this one :). Would like to request a tile that makes the player gain soul after "x" seconds. The only thing I was able to found for this Traning monk regen Soul (https://otland.net/threads/traning-monk-regen-soul.274492/) but it has a problem that OP...
  4. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Spell cooldown (hell's core, rage of the skies, etc)

    Hi! I have a question. I've seen on wiki and main TFS repository that spells like Hell's Core and Rage of the Skies has 40.000 of cooldown (40 sec), and they also have a "group cooldown" that allow players to use other spell attacks. The thing is, for the downgrade 8.6 of Nekiro (1.4)...
  5. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Lootbag dissapear at gate of expertice

    Hi! I use TFS 1.4 nekiro downgrade (8.60) and the players of my server discovered this bug. When you move an item to a gate of expertice, and it closes, the item will dissapear. I recorded a video of how to reproduce it. I wonder if this is a bug or not 🤔 Regards!
  6. ralke

    Method to call player.getSkillLevel (axe, sword, distance, etc.)

    Hi! I use TFS 1.4 8.6 downgrade and opened this thread to ask the following. I use this script made bby @Sarah Wesker local config = { topCount = 5, messageType = MESSAGE_EVENT_ADVANCE, interval = 15 * 60 * 1000 -- 15 minutes for each } local currentTopType = 1 local topTypes = {...
  7. ralke

    [Custom] GreedOT Alpha

    Hi guys! I haven't officially release my server, but it is opened already for alpha testers. The server is running with TFS 1.4 8.6 (nekiro) and mehah's otclient (requiered to play), and would be nice to get my first players :) So, the invitation is open, you can register on the website Greed...
  8. ralke

    Loading data/modules/ from encrypted zip

    Hi! I use Mehah OTC and need to add this feature as bot protection https://github.com/edubart/otclient/pull/1145/files I already added the commits, then open the compiled .exe with a .zip file called "data" that has data folder and modules folder. At the first try, the client opened with the...
  9. ralke

    Lua Block item throw to specified tile

    Using TFS 1.4 (8.6 downgrade). Hi! I want to ask for some help today, i've been decorating a coast with some seagulls and used nothing special (id:460) item to make them move in a unreachable area. The thing is, that player can still throw items to that tile (id:460). How I can disable the item...
  10. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ Question about shootype="cake"

    Hi! I use TFS 1.4 8.6 downgraded by nekiro, and have a doubt about shootype="cake". To avoid editing bytes on sources, I just replaced sprites for cake and snowball shoottype effects in ObjectBuilder, the thing is, items.xml doesn't recognize "cake" as a shootType, saw tools.cpp and it isn't...
  11. ralke

    TFS 1.X+ setOfflineTraining Skill 8.6

    Hi, I use nekiro 1.4 for 8.6 and I have a trouble with the default training offline script. I wonder if this function is implemented on this version since 8.6 is a downgrade and not a native feature of the version. The code local statues = { [12663] = SKILL_SWORD, [12664] =...
  12. ralke

    [8.60] GreedOT Remaster

    Hi OtLand. This is the remaster version of my previous share GreedOT. https://otland.net/threads/8-60-greed-otserver-unique-map-done-from-scratch.272208/ Again, special thanks to everyone who contribute, teach, and supported this map. The reason because I release this is because this is an old...
  13. ralke

    [8.60] Batiatus Ludus

    Here's a piece I made, influenced by batiatus ludus. Not going to use this, hope someone get a good use for this ^^ In-game Remere's
  14. ralke

    Lua Football System

    Hi! I use TFS 1.4 8.6 by nekiros and would like to request a simple football system. First, I will set the pickupable flag off the football item so players won't be able to pick the ball in their inventories. The football item is going to have a custom ID registered on items.otb and .xml The...
  15. ralke

    Lua RevScript Task System Convertion

    Hi! I would like to do a request. I have this task system that is working well for my 8.6 server (TFS 1.4 Nekiro), the system is wrote with the old 0.X syntaxis and it doesn't have a modal window that is usefull for me, considering that I use 8.6. The code is a little messy since i've edited...
  16. ralke

    [Znote AAC] Linking item shop images from folder

    Hi! I wonder if someone can help me with this. Znote has a shop page that redirects the image from image server. https://github.com/Znote/ZnoteAAC/blob/master/shop.php I would like to set my own image server, based on the id from the config.php array Example 3 => array(...
  17. ralke

    [Znote AAC] CIP based Gallery

    Hi! I'm starting to understand the basics of html, css and js thanks to this forum. Now, I can contribute with new designs for Znote AAC and I hope to continue doing so in the future. What does this .php page do? It is a simple gallery on 207x100 format with description, very easy to...
  18. ralke

    PHP/HTML tables alignment question

    Hi! I think this is a very simple thing, but I would like to learn a little with this. I wish to align my characterprofile table to the left, since it is cutting in the middle, I would like to cut exactly where the text categories ends (if the answer can contain more table examples for learning...
  19. ralke

    Set an image background for html radio with <td>,<tr> or <th>

    Hi! I need some help with html. I started a table with this tags <p class="two"> <center style="font-size: 14px;"> <table border="2" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="200%"> <tr> <td> <center> <em> <!---------- end of the table ---> <html> <!---------- radio html start ---> <head> <meta...
  20. ralke

    Lua Looking for True Asuras .xml files (with correct damages and area effects)

    Hi again! I use TFS 1.4 downgrades 8.6 by nekiro. I'm trying to downgrade True Asuras to 8.60, already done all the sprites succesfully and is working 100%, but I have a trouble when adding the monsters using the new .lua format. Here's the console error when trying to load the files. How does...