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  1. Skykes

    Pokémon servers

    Hi Guys, I was just wondering why there are so few pokemon servers these days. The last thread I could find in this forum was from about 4 years ago. Is there just less interest now ? Was it a fad that most people tried and then 95% moved away from ? Or am I just out of the loop and there...
  2. Skykes

    Thronar- Beta gameplay

    Heres a shitty video I threw together. Forgot to crop out chat and FPS was crap due to lame PC. But yeah, really fun server. Custom vocations, custom items, custom...everything. Join now =) YouTube - Thronar hunt.wmv
  3. Skykes

    VPS Hosting

    Hey guys, So I am looking for some information on VPS hosting. Obviously specific figures are hard to give here. But in general whats the minimum amount of disk space an OT with 20 players online average would need? Map size 50 mb. How much would VPS hosting cost and can you give...