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  1. Galog333

    Gamemaster, Mapper, Beta Tester, Webdeveloper [Working for FREE]

    Dear OTLand, My Name is Dominik, im 20 years old and currently seeking for an opportunity to work with a team on a OT project. I am from Germany and have the following Skills: HTML/CSS/Javascript Development (self taught) Mapping (Remeres Map Editor) 6 years of Tibia Knowledge (played...
  2. Galog333

    Team Tibia OTs

    Will make a new thread when I have more clearance what I want, and can actually offer things to attract scripters etc. If you still want to read, sure I dont mind. Also you can join the Discord IF YOU WANT :P Stay safe cya! <3 Hello everyone I hope your doing good & already thanks for your...
  3. Galog333

    Windows Tibia [v10.94] Dupe Bugs

    Hi, I would like to know how you Dupe Items in Tibia. A friend of my mine is making a server, I am junior Admin and would like to pretend Item duping. We already managed to fix the Dupe bug through the guild commands. The server will be in TFS1.x+ . Thanks for your attention.