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  1. Under Influence

    Roguelike OTS game?

    So, I was playing a game called Noita and I think the style could also fit a OTS game. This game genre consists mostly in players finding the exit in random generated dungeons,getting stronger and moving to new dungeons, if they die they would lose everything they got. Each run would be...
  2. Under Influence

    Tibia 7.1 Brainstorming thread

    This thread is to help people developing 7.1 OT, comparing 7.1 Tibia to 7.4 tibia Map thread https://otland.net/threads/7-1-real-tibia-map-as-close-as-possible.270484/ *Creature loot changes Dragon - Fire Sword -> Serpent Sword Skeleton - Legion Helmet -> Viking Helmet Rotworm - Viking Helmet...
  3. Under Influence

    [7.4] Rookgaard Extended with creatures and dungeons from main

    Hello I decided to make a map for a 7.4 Rookgaard Server, I added creatures from main which doesn't drop overpowered loot and added dungeons from main back in Rook along with lots of traps and pickholes, removed most quest chests, items need to be looted. Next stage loot drops: Longsword...
  4. Under Influence

    [7.1] Real Tibia Map as close as possible

    Thanks to 222222 Tibia 7.4 Release, I was able to achieve a dream of mine to reduce tibia map to 7.1 (this is 7.4 otbm format still)! I think I covered at least 95% of changed places between 7.1 and 7.4, removed quest/level doors, mailboxes, rookgaard premium, ladders instead of stairs, old...
  5. Under Influence

    Ideas to make 7.4 tibia monsters more challenging

    This is some ideas, I got from gauntlet games and can fit Tibia (creatures are grouped and have passives). I used tibia 7.4 as example. Creatures until Tibia 7.8
  6. Under Influence

    Project Catraya: Future HTML5 OT like game

    I've been working in a Tibia like game, which is rewritten from scratch from my old project Mil. The objective is not to copy original Tibia 100% but to make a game easy to modify (editing json files) and play (open browser and you are already playing). I might release all the codebase when I...
  7. Under Influence

    Some questions about how Tibia works

    Does somebody knows what is the TIBIA server tick rate? How do they render the sqms that are offscreen when you character is moving in that direction? Does the client have a hidden layer of 1 Sqm (row/column) sitting there to be shown while the character is transiting to the next sqm? If there...
  8. Under Influence

    [7.6] All premium account dungeons in Tibia mainland

    Tibia 7.6 MAP *Almost all premium dungeons in free account land, including dungeons from Port Hope, Liberty Bay and Svargrond *Edron is a city near Orc Fortress and Rookgaard is South of Thais *Most dungeons are connected underground, for good PKing *There are no boats and all Tibia quests are...
  9. Under Influence

    Lua doRemoveItem problem

    Can some one explain to me why the console gives me: LuaScriptInterface::luaDoRemoveItem(). Item not found This is a script to make a spell which the player leaves a blue flame and if he uses the same spell within 5 seconds he will be teleported to the flame that was left. Also is it possible...
  10. Under Influence

    A very different take on old school 7.6 server. Help needed.

    I've created a very special map (not yet tested) of old school 7.6 Tibia where there are no premium islands. I'm searching for someone with experience in hosting OTS and testing maps to help me put it online. The ideas I've implemented and the vision I have for it (it can change): -I put almost...
  11. Under Influence

    An idea for an OTserver - only facc area with premium dungeons added in

    I am doing something like that in Remere map editor of Tibia 7.6, this is were the premium places could fit in facc area. The game is based only in free acc area with lots of premium areas dungeons and gimmicks added in, mostly Edron and Darashia with some of Ankrahmun and Port Hope. It would...
  12. Under Influence

    My own html5 project: Mil Online

    I am devolving a browser based OT Like game 100% custom using Phaser and Node.js. So far I have been making pushing system, path finding, attacks using the OTSprites (OpenTibia Sprite Pack), still in very early development, it will be more focused on strategy (gather resources and choose right...