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  1. Keal Atis

    [Canada] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans

    Wow, great idea with Bulma in battlesuit, never saw her as a character on any DB server. I wonder what she will look like in her last form, maybe something like an iron-man suit, but made by Capsule Corp.: inspiration
  2. Keal Atis

    Tibia dieing?

    Yes, look like dieing to me. More money, but less players. They focus on profit, not gameplay. We have recolored sprites and low quality maps now, soon we will get more and more shitty updates. Look how World of Warcraft is now, just after revenue records.
  3. Keal Atis

    [Canada] [Custom] Return of the Saiyans

    Great news! Good choice with more transparent effects, also god power transformations and auras are awesome! Beerus Planet looks too much like Namek to me, you should change the color palette to show that it's a completely different planet. It seems that CipSoft is afraid of ROTS and want to...
  4. Keal Atis

    The Forgotten Server Icon Competition - Voting thread - V1

    #9 is the best imo, #4 is also great, but there isn't TFS text.
  5. Keal Atis

    [Global] ༻The Deivos Shards Discussion Thread༺

    The project promises to be great, it is a pity that we will have to wait for it until 2022. I keep my fingers crossed, a definite something fresh. I love this nice, but a bit dark graphic style :D Good luck!
  6. Keal Atis

    Diving down into spriting

    Good one! I like your style, keep going :)
  7. Keal Atis

    Yusuke Gallery

    Dude, this is awesome! I love your Amidamaru sprite, items are also great. Keep going and don't stop doing sprites, you got a talent :D
  8. Keal Atis

    Vingart ShowOFF

    Awesome! Very good shading and colors of trees, I like the grass - different shades, lots of patterns, much better than monotonous Tibia grass. I suggest some modification to the mountain texture to make it more varied. The faces in the wall are wonderful :D Good job, is it for some izometric...
  9. Keal Atis

    Show off spiritis

    I like your style, keep going :D
  10. Keal Atis

    Sprites by Saphron

    Amazing! Medivia is leaving rl Tibia behind. Are you drawing sprites in 32x32 and then resize it to 64x64 or in higher resolution from the begining?
  11. Keal Atis

    Show off spiritis

    Good job! :D They look good overall, but female angels like Margarita and Vados appear to have a male face.
  12. Keal Atis

    Legal or not

    They became an independent company and made their own game so they could possibly sue you for it. I wonder if they did sprites manually or if they used some method of projecting 3D models into sprites - recently such an approach is popular in Pokemon-OTSs.
  13. Keal Atis

    Ravendawn - Development Thread

    Wow! Amaizng! I didn't know that such pearl is going to be relase in this year :) Finally something new to compare with Bloodstone and GLA. Good luck with that project, I'm definitely going to check this out :)
  14. Keal Atis

    [CANADA] [Custom] Tibia-Avatar.com 10-28-2020

    Wow, it looks great! Good idea from Avatar-OTS. I'm waiting for the start to check this OTS :D
  15. Keal Atis

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - October *SPOOKY SEASON* Voting Thread

    All submissions are decent, good level! My top are #2 and #4, but my vote goes to # -, no unnecessary frills, the town arouses my curiosity and I would like to know its history, well done!
  16. Keal Atis

    Cities with RPG touch: Part I

    Great tutorial, thanks for that! I'm waiting for the next part :D
  17. Keal Atis

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - September Voting Thread

    One of the hardest themes, great works. My vote goes for submission no. 1.
  18. Keal Atis

    What makes maps looks good and how do you be a better mapper?

    Autoborder is good tool, but sometimes you have to do borders on your own to get a better results. Check mapping section on this forum, you can get a lot of inspirations. @Kuzyn great examples, you should think about making some mapping tutorial with more examples like that :)
  19. Keal Atis

    [Poland] Dragon Ball New Story ╳ Custom

    Finally some good news about DBNS. Great job, I'm waiting for the start ! :D
  20. Keal Atis

    Rauz Spriting Thread

    Great sprites, keep going and post more :D