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  1. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 How do you change monster behaviour

    Hello, i want to improve two thinks which is how can i make particular monsters do not attack people if they are around and they would attack them only if they hit him. Second think how can i increase monster view range because im using OTCV8 with classic view so you can see more then the...
  2. Tbol

    how to show assist in myacc lastkills.php

    TFS 1.2 MYACC 0.7.9 Hello so right now i have last kills like this - Killed at level 30 by a minotaur ...... or ...... Killed at level 30 by Player (a) But I want to show the whole list. like this \/ - Killed at level 30 by Player (a), Player (b) and a minotaur this is my lastkills.php...
  3. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 How to write a code in protocolgame that sends effects on the client

    How can i put list of effect IDs that should get tile offset -1x, -1y, so all effects send by source and LUA will get 1 tile offset.
  4. Tbol

    How to change offset for (EFFECT AND OUTFITS)

    TFS1.2 OTCV8 Is there a way to change offsets for OUTFITS and EFFECTS? Tried using objectbuilder feature but it doesnt support negative values
  5. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 How to change effect offset

    void ProtocolGame::sendMagicEffect(const Position& pos, uint16_t type) { if (!canSee(pos)) { return; } if(otclientV8 && type == CONST_ME_RESPAWNORMALCLIENT) type = CONST_ME_RESPAWN; // how to change this effect CONST_ME_RESPAWN x,y,z NetworkMessage msg...
  6. Tbol

    Lua Look for boss reward script

    Hello im looking for boss reward script if you kill each boss one time or w/e value you set you get reward like achievementName = "test", so i imagine table like local main = { [1] = { achievementName = "Test Achievement", //so this achievement will add if you kill every single...
  7. Tbol

    OtclientV8 issue when installing game_healthbars

    Download latest dx.exe and gl.exe at first when i tried to login my client turned off and now when i cleaned the log file game is all fucked up ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception (2085 bytes, 725 unread, last opcode is 0x4b (75), prev opcode is 0x0a (10)): unable to create item with...
  8. Tbol

    OTClient Unable to load module 'game_healthbars'

    Using OTCLIENTV8, so i was tracking this tutorial OTCv8/otclientv8 (https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8/wiki/Health-and-Mana-bar-backgrounds) 0. So i download game_healthbars and added it to modules 1. Edit mods/healthbars.otmod and set autoload to true (DID THIS STEP) 2. Add...
  9. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Crash

    Have no idea why it crashes and who causes it and how it fix it. This is the log https://pastebin.com/z3ERK2MY
  10. Tbol

    OTCLIENT V8 page access only for admins

    How can i make pages like Terminal Debug Info Extras only visible for admins?
  11. Tbol

    OTClient ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception

    TFS 1.2. Any ideas? ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception (2044 bytes, 66 unread, last opcode is 0x10 (16), prev opcode is 0x00 (0)): unhandled opcode 16 packet.log https://pastebin.com/7YZ0Bzfv protocolgame.cpp https://pastebin.com/W9D6kbS3
  12. Tbol

    Installing OTClient V8 rsa.cpp issue

    Hello so im trying to install otclient just to test how it would feel, so i downloaded it and logged in to a game but it doesnt show tool, items all skills are -1 and etc stuff, basically getting ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception (41 bytes, 0 unread, last opcode is 0x00 (0), prev...
  13. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 player_deaths crach

    Log - https://pastebin.com/MyZi6i97 bump
  14. Tbol

    Lua TFS 1.2 potion issue they get action id for some reason

    Hello, so i got weird issue i have potions in traders and you can loot them from monsters and i noticed that, the ones which drops from monsters they get actionid on them so basically it becomes inpossible to stack them anymore because of it. So this one is looted from monsters You see 3...
  15. Tbol

    1.2 If player skills are X give storage X

    Need a code if player have Magic Level - 80 Fist Fighting - 50 Club Fighting - 60 Sword Fighting - 60 (this is imporant) Axe Fighting - 70 or Distance Fighting - 70 Shielding - 121 Fishing - 91 he gets storage X
  16. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Is it possible to give storage if player uses x amount of potions

    Is it even possible? If player uses potions like 2500 times he gets storage x? And probably it should save it somehow too because if he disconnects the progress wont be lost. Using this one right now function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) ITEM = 5279 local storage = 50000...
  17. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 What im doing wrong in this storage check

    Hello, trying to add storage check if player dont have storage X, npc would send message "You have to do blalbalbla first" and if he do have X storage everything would go like normal. so i created local like local testMission = { [1] = { rankName = "test", mainStorage =...
  18. Tbol

    TFS 1.2 Item that removes after 1 hours

    I found this script in otland Solved - Decay item after 1 hour, given from npc (https://otland.net/threads/decay-item-after-1-hour-given-from-npc.223756/) but it would be great to adjust it that it would drop from monster so lets say it drops this item from monster corpse and it would be...
  19. Tbol

    MyACC Fatal error on different hardrive

    So my old SSD died so setting up everything on different SSD and for soem reason it decided to give fatal error when everything was fine before Fatal error: Declaration of OTS_Base_DB::query($query) must be compatible with PDO::query(string $query, ?int $fetchMode = null, mixed...
  20. Tbol

    Lua [ACTION] TFS 1.2 Exploration points

    Looking for exploration points script basically you would need to click on objects and once you click on all of them you get storage. So i will try to explain it clearer: so around the map lets say i put 40 statues and all of those 40 status have a unique actionid i guess because without...