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    [USA/Brazil/Germany] [7.4] RetroCores [13/11 - 17:00 CET] new and better era!

    Golden account cost increased by 200%, 10€ for 1 month on a botted, bugged, unstable and empty amateurish american OT with almost non-existent support, it's even pricier now than on tibia.com XD say what you want about cipsoft, I hate them myself, but they at least don't remove your items. It's...
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    [USA/Brazil/Germany] [7.4] RetroCores [13/11 - 17:00 CET] new and better era!

    They are quite slow with handling reports, but eventually botters do get deleted.
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    [USA/Brazil/Germany] [7.4] RetroCores [13/11 - 17:00 CET] new and better era!

    If you had a char on Eternia, Nova or Amera better log in now and check if you haven't lost any items (EQ and depot). One month ago, on 15th February these servers were merged into Amera and few days ago, on 15th March Antica also got merged into Amera but something went wrong with that last...
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    ⭐[France And America] [7.10] Classicot - [Authentic Real Map] [Start 2020-10-16]⭐

    Hi, can you share some information about free Premium Account for new players? Looks like everyone gets a free Premium Account, but: I don't know for how long? it doesn't say anywhere how many days are left some players have a Golden Account, what's the difference in Premium vs Golden? This...
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    What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

    Downfall has started with 7.5, not all changes introduced since then were bad, but a lot: Soul Points introduced to limit rune-making. Worms needed to fish. Anti-Luring feature. Walking over all stacked bigger objects like parcels, crates and chairs. All boats and pyramids became protection...
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    RME: Is there a way to automatically add smooth borders between terrains?

    But it doesn't work for me on any tile types and I have plenty of borders defined in data/740/borders.xml <border id="2" group="1"> -- grass border -- <borderitem edge="n" item="4542"/> <borderitem edge="e" item="4543"/> <borderitem edge="s" item="4544"/>...
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    RME: Is there a way to automatically add smooth borders between terrains?

    Hi, I'm totally new to RME, so forgive me if it was asked before but I could not find an answer. I don't think anyone manually corrects borders on every single tile, so how does one fixes it automatically? I'm using RME v.3.6.1 on Windows. I know there is an "Automagic" function which I can...