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  1. kimokimo

    [Lua - Questline development] Karim's coding service.

    Grimvale, the curse spreads with full quest logs.
  2. kimokimo

    How do I make a mana check in lua?

    If you mean check by percentage, it would be something like this local manaP = (player:getMana() / player:getMaxMana()) * 100 if manaP >= 40 then --enough else --not enough end
  3. kimokimo

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 A good way to handle a pokeball/pet stat into an item?

    You can use TFS custom attributes. item:setCustomAttribute("name", "Bear") item:setCustomAttribute("level", 30)
  4. kimokimo

    Rekteria - Not another typical real map

    Bump, still looking, server is up for preview for devs interested.
  5. kimokimo

    [Lua - Questline development] Karim's coding service.

    I enjoy coding content for tibia, and you're definitely correct about the payments, but money is not an issue at the moment, I wanna enjoy doing this before I have to move on.
  6. kimokimo

    Rekteria - Not another typical real map

    What is Rekteria? It's a new concept for a real map server, yes another real map server, everyone had fun playing cip's tibia at some point, but we don't have the time nor the old friends to play it anymore, so we decided to bring an experience as close as Cipsoft game, most real map servers now...
  7. kimokimo

    User you miss from Otland

    Bring me Cwiras
  8. kimokimo

    Discussion: Would a web-based OT be welcome?

    Looks promising! I would love to see the source of the server, been learning node.js for some time now it's fun. Also wouldn't it be better if you created the client in react.js?
  9. kimokimo

    [Heart of Destruction] World Devourer final boss

    World Devourer final Heart of Destruction boss, with room shifting mechanic Events/vars required To minions (Destruction, Rage, Hunger) "minionsKill" To World Devourer "world_devourer_spawns" To global.lua WORLD_DEVOURER_ACTIVE = false local config = { kickPos = Position(32213, 31375...
  10. kimokimo

    [Lua - Questline development] Karim's coding service.

    My nitro tag changed and someone took my tag and name and scammed @Laloomega and I offered him to do the job -250 coins, well I got many people doing business with me so nice try, Also I don't even understand this language what's up? xD, plus old account and your first post is to make drama? I...
  11. kimokimo

    Lua Ferumbras Lever

    Not my script, I just moved creating monsters out of player tiles loop.
  12. kimokimo

    Lua Ferumbras Lever

    local config = { bossName = "Ascending Ferumbras", summonName = "Rift Invader", bossPos = Position(33392, 31473, 14), centerRoom = Position(33392, 31473, 14), -- Center Room exitPosition = Position(33266, 31479, 14), -- Exit Position newPos = Position(33392, 31479, 14)...
  13. kimokimo

    [Lua - Questline development] Karim's coding service.

    Can't edit thread anymore, new tag Karimm#7330.
  14. kimokimo

    Lua Life regen out of battle

    Logging out, then logging in again before the 5 seconds to check if player exist has passed, will cause the event to be duplicated.
  15. kimokimo

    Compiling Question about client 10

    Use this branch opentibiabr/otservbr-global (https://github.com/opentibiabr/otservbr-global/tree/client-10/12.x)
  16. kimokimo

    Dont play in OxygenOT - GM is powerabusing

    Not everyone is on a static ip address, people with dynamic ip can just restart their modem and create a new acc or even use a vpn. On topic: Owner is a hard worker, recommended server.
  17. kimokimo

    Lua TFS 1.3 spell that checks for hole

    Try this local combat = Combat() combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_TYPE, COMBAT_PHYSICALDAMAGE) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_BLOCKARMOR, 1) combat:setParameter(COMBAT_PARAM_USECHARGES, 1) combat:setArea(createCombatArea(AREA_CIRCLE3X3)) function onTargetTile(cid, pos) local tile =...
  18. kimokimo

    Suggestion for safer Forum

    There's no easy way for mods to spot scammers without investing so much time behind that user, I think it would be better if the community take this matter into own hands and expose scammers, maybe create a list of scammers outside Otland with proof for each scammer added on the list.
  19. kimokimo

    Reddington = Aurelion = Azleh (Scammers group)

    You don't use otland, I'll leave this here so people don't get scammed by your titles on all the discord servers you're in which are: Otcv8 (Moderator) OTBR (Parnter) Mapping & spiriting community (Admin) Probably more to boost his service which is clearly going to take a hit after this.
  20. kimokimo

    Reddington = Aurelion = Azleh (Scammers group)

    So this is getting kinda annoying with all the threads about Aurelion and people are ignoring the fact that they're a team by now. They attack developers on otland to promote their business which is clearly a scam, the leader of that group is called Reddington and he's hiding his shady buisness...