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  1. Krysin

    [USA] [Custom/7.4] Sanctuary Online - Immense RPG Experience!

    Sanctuary Online is a heavily customized RPG experience that seeks to bring back the gameplay experience of fan favorite version 7.4 Tibia but with expanded development & lots of completely new content. In combining the PvP mechanics players adored in old school Tibia along with elements from...
  2. Krysin

    [USA][Custom / 7.4][Mechanics] Sanctuary Online - NEW BETA DEC 11!!

    Sanctuary Online is created and maintained by a group of friends / Tibia enthusiasts who felt that the updates to the main game and the private servers that exist really just don’t properly capture the desires of the community. We are seeking to change that and instead focus on player driven...
  3. Krysin

    Programmer Seeking Website Dev

    I’m currently having a website layout being designed in figma. In a few days when the layout is complete I will need a developer capable of coding front & back end. Please private message me or add my discord below if interested in this job to discuss pricing. Krysin#2698
  4. Krysin

    Setup Help

    Hello I am looking for someone who would be willing to assist me with getting things going and various developmental aspects for a classic tibia project I am working on. I am admittedly a novice to server hosting, years ago I hosted the server Dolera's finest for awhile and had some good...