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  1. ATT3

    [FRANCE] ThronX | Unique RL-Map | 10.97+ Flash Client | Lots of Features

    Starting On: 26th of November at 18.00 CET About ThronX ThronX is a fun and easy to enjoy 10.97+ RL-map with perfectly balanced mid-rates for the best RPG and PvP experience. With lots of great additional features your playing experience is even better. A beautiful plain RL-map, with over...
  2. ATT3


    THRONX IS COMING BACK! Starting this August 6/8 - 14.00 BRT (UTC 17.00, CET 19.00) Thronx is a popular, high-quality RL-map server with great custom features and now we are coming back online! The server will be hosted at Canada making it ideal for American players to play on. Having reworked...
  3. ATT3


    Thronx is an unique RL map project, mainly developed by me and @Yamaken. UPDATE: THE BETA IS OVER. THE SERVER IS STARTING AT: Friday 27th of November 18.00 CET Basic information about the server: The world of Thronx is and will be kept as authentic as possible, to sustain the game feeling as...
  4. ATT3

    Thronx OT - 10.77+ RL map project

    I am here to introduce and discuss about our project. Our goal / vision for Thronx: Supporting the latest tibia client, with the latest content. Fun events, e.g lms, blue versus red battle, guild versus guild battle and more! (not random teleports in depot or temple though, more "RPGish"...
  5. ATT3

    TFS 1.0 Channel Message Type

    I've been trying to create channel for loots only. The only problem I am facing at the moment: I would like to send the message to the screen too. https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/master/src/monsters.cpp#L171 I've replaced: owner->sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, ss.str())...
  6. ATT3

    [FRANCE] Ducates - 10.76 RL-map | PvP/RPG | Constant Updates

    Ducates Starting! - Feb 07 2015 Ducates is an unique server, very high quality OT with constant updates, no lack of content. Client: 1074-1076 Port: 7171 Website: Ducates.net About quests: "You don't have to do a quest to trade with Rashid, but if you want to trade with Djinns you will have...
  7. ATT3

    Lua TFS 1.0 | Reward chest system, some advises?

    Well, I am trying to make somewhat the say reward chest system as RL tibia has. If you don't know how the system works, here's something: http://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=2486 My script/system doesn't work like that at the moment, though the goal is to make it alike ;I Just...
  8. ATT3

    TFS 1.~ saving (more of a question than issue)

    Not sure if this is the right place for this thread, but anyway I been lately thinking about saving in general. My question is; Where, how would/should you save players and how often? Doing "global save" every few hours causes a little lag (few seconds) >>not wanted Saving player on advance is...
  9. ATT3

    [FRANCE] Dalerium 10.41 RL-map | CAST |STARTING 2nd of Novemeber 18.00

    Dalerium is finally starting, the countdown has started on our website. The server will start 2nd of November 18.00 CET General Client: 10.41 IP: Dalerium.net Port: 7171 Server save: 10 AM Rates Experience > staged, average 30x Magic rate 10x Skill rate 26x Loot rate 4x Check out serverinfo...
  10. ATT3

    Znote TFS 1.0 powergamers (MYSQL)

    The problem itself sounds quite simple, but I just simply can't figure out. I am trying to get information from two different tables and subtract some column from another column. $znotePlayers = mysql_select_multi("SELECT `a`.*, (`a`.`experience`+`b`.`exphist_lastexp`) AS `expdiff` FROM...
  11. ATT3

    Solved PHP - "rank data"

    I can't figure it out myself, so; I am trying to not to repeat ranks on every character. So not like this; Instead something like this; So the ranks are in "groups" or however you wanna call it. Currently the code looks like this -> It shows rank for every player what is not my goal, it...
  12. ATT3

    [France] Dalerium 10.41 RL | Starting 19th of July 18.00 CET

    Dalerium is starting 21th of July 2014. 18.00 CET! We are finally ready to launch Dalerium. General; Website - dalerium.net IP changer - dalerium.net Client - Currently 10.41. Port - 7171 Dalerium is 10.41 RL-map with strong RPG-feeling while not forgetting about the PvP. General - quests...
  13. ATT3

    [France] Ducates 8.60 | Real Map | 24 May 2014!

    Ducates.net is starting 24th of May 18.00 CET Ducates is 8.60 Real-map server with many events and three custom cities. More information about our cities here One of our main goals has been to keep the real map as it is, and edit our custom cities instead. Therefore instead on adding 10...
  14. ATT3

    Firewalker boots TFS 1.0

    Currently I am using this script: local condition = {} for i = 1, 4 do table.insert(condition, createConditionObject(CONDITION_FIRE)) addDamageCondition(condition[i], 1, 0, -(i == 1 and 20 or i==2 and 2 or i == 3 and 10 or i == 4 and 1)) addDamageCondition(condition[i]...
  15. ATT3

    Why did my thread get deleted and

    Why did my thread get deleted and I cant say my servers name anymore here. dal erium I can't search it either. Same thing with rep tera.net (not mine) but another 10.30+ RL Is it just competition that you don't want or? ;o
  16. ATT3

    Lua New "boss reward" system TFS 1.0

    Some of you might already know what I am talking about by reading the title but for the rest I will do my best to explain it as well as I can :) Ok, nowdays in real tibia when you participate to kill any major boss /such as Ferumbras, the body "turns" into reward chest, so everybody can get...
  17. ATT3

    Looking for scripter TFS 1.0/ZnoteAcc website

    Hello, I am looking for a good scripter to work with me on Dalerium.net. >Some information about the server. Dalerium is RL map server supporting the latest tibia protocols. Goal is to get the server as close to real tibia as possible, while not pushing the RPG part too far. Therefore majority...
  18. ATT3

    Monster that.. TFS 1.0

    Is there a way to make monster do spell that lowers x% of players skills?/ml/dist etc. From Tibia.wikia; Silencer Abilities: lowers your Magic Level by 30-80% for 3 turns, overlaps if cast subsequently) So. Monster does spell that lowers X% of your current magic level for X time. Tfs 1.0
  19. ATT3

    Lua TFS 1.0 Ring of Ending and transform item after X time.

    Well, I haven't even got started with this first one, but I am not sure how it would work therefor I am asking help here :p http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Ring_of_Ending I am sure that explains enough about that ring. From wikia: Can be created by using a String of Mending on an equipped Broken...
  20. ATT3

    Tfs 1.0 shared experience bonus

    Shared experience bonus = Cave rat gives 10 exp (1 guy) for 2 guys with shared exp it gives 5x for both (normal) but with X% bonus it would give 7 exp for both. Currently it has 20% experience bonus when shared exp enabled but I can find the file/way to edit it ;o! Updated: You can edit it at...