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  1. XxhadesxX

    Tibia blackjack casino gana tc

    Hola como estan solo queria compartir con ustedes este nuevo casino web donde puedes depositarle tibia coins y jugar a diferentes tipos de juegos dentro de la web. echenle un ojo y veamos que sale de esto. Link: Tibia Blackjack Registrate ahora!
  2. XxhadesxX

    LiteBringer new game

    Hello how are you, I want to present the second chapter of my channel which I tell you about the game recently created by Cipsoft. I will be showing in the following videos and in our Discord group how to make money with LiteBringer and exchange them yourself without an intermediary to the...
  3. XxhadesxX

    LiteBringer Evolucionar items

    Hola como están, quiero presentar el segundo capitulo de mi canal el cual les hablo sobre el juego recién creado por Cipsoft. Estaré mostrando en los siguientes videos y en nuestro grupo de Discord como ganar dinero con LiteBringer y cambiarlos tu mismo sin intermediario a la plataforma de...
  4. XxhadesxX

    7.7 Tibia Blast Networks RealMap Project

    Hello OTlanders! What is expected in this release MMORPG game called "tepid" in a nutshell "is to incorporate the new updates of the newest versions to an older platform" that is the mission of this project, because many fans will warm really excited about this. Perhaps many of you have ever...
  5. XxhadesxX

    Kariña Online 7.72 map 8.6

    It shows only some parts of the map. I will be putting the project's progress, every Sunday night. I work on the server only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The server version is 7.72 as the client version is 7.72. Progress in facebook follow. https://www.facebook.com/TibiaReal.Oldschool.net
  6. XxhadesxX

    Kariña Online 7.72 map 8.6

    Estoy poco a poco Trabajando en mi Proyecto, si Quieren ver Como Es Y Como van los Avances pueden seguirme en facebook, el Proyecto se Trata de la ONU Servidor de tibia BASADO en la versión 7.72 Pero con el mapa de la versión 8.6. Solamente Trabajo en el Los días viernes, sábado y domingo ya...
  7. XxhadesxX

    Compiling Compilation Otx 2.10.0 (FINAL)

    Good evening, friends I have the following problem when trying to compile the sources 2.10.0 Otx (FINAL) version of the libraries: boost_1_58_0 version of the sources: Otx 2.10.0 (FINAL) OS: 64 bits windows 7 I use Visual Studio 2013 my problem 1>------ Operación Recompilar todo iniciada...
  8. XxhadesxX

    Add items into map editor

    good, I have a problem to add items to the map editor. when I put the items with the map editor is not working. please help me in the game I can not walk on the item. :(
  9. XxhadesxX

    ¿Which is better Hosting?

    goodnight, ¿could help me choose? I wonder what is the best for a tibia server. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS | 14.04 LTS Windows 2008 R2 Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard¹ thank you very much hope you can get me out of doubt.
  10. XxhadesxX

    Linux help install tibia 10.50 in ubuntu 10.04

    good, could tell me how to install the new version of tibia 10.50 in ubuntu 10.04? "I do not want to use wine"
  11. XxhadesxX

    7.6 Avesta [HELP]

    someone could give me scripts for one avesta 7.6 rl map, gold change?
  12. XxhadesxX

    Help please MYSQL

    Help please friends like column premium added to the account table?
  13. XxhadesxX

    [Venezuela] WarsOt Map Evo 8.6

    Well folks here one server evo full edited map published in Brazil, Mexico, Poland and Venezuela. open war for a very fun and dynamic. ~*Ip*~: warsot.servegame.com ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.6/own client use IP-Changer ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Hosted at home ~*Website*~...
  14. XxhadesxX

    Open tibia 7.4 server help please

    I downloaded the Mastercores server, but not when I get the list of characters tells me connection failed :(
  15. XxhadesxX

    plz help me!

    configure: error: "Lua header not found." plz help me! checking openssl/bn.h usability... yes checking openssl/bn.h presence... yes checking for openssl/bn.h... yes checking openssl/err.h usability... yes checking openssl/err.h presence... yes checking for openssl/err.h... yes checking...
  16. XxhadesxX

    Windows I have a problem co tfs 0.4.

    I have a problem co tfs 0.4.0 my server disconnects the players and not let go. please help