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  1. Elgenady

    OTClient magic wall

    how i can show magic wall timer otclient
  2. Elgenady

    AAC website don't work

    when start to open website get this page i don't know what happen and when ask my friend he told me he was try to add spoof system to source but he fail anyone know how i can fix this i'm use 0.4 and gesior for websit use debian 10
  3. Elgenady

    how i can kill screen debian 10

    anyone can help me ? because when use killall -9 theforgottenserver vps get freeze and must restart to work again killall -9 theforgottenserver was work before in debian 7 but don't work with 10
  4. Elgenady

    Leech imbuing system real tibia

    hello guys leech in imbuying system work for area spells ? like exevo gran mas (vis-flam-tera-frigo) or just weapon or target spells
  5. Elgenady

    Loot channel

    this will help player use 0.3777 or 0.4 https://github.com/Fir3element/3777/tree/master/src in monsters.cpp change std::stringstream ss; ss << "Loot of " << nameDescription << ": " << corpse->getContentDescription() << "."; if(owner->getParty() && message > LOOTMSG_PLAYER)...
  6. Elgenady

    player health in website

    when use items with maxhealthpoints player health in website change to be like this and code from website $hp = ($player->getHealth() / $player->getHealthMax() * 100); $main_content .= '<td align=center ><table width=100%><tr><td align=center><table CELLSPACING="1"...
  7. Elgenady

    host server

    i want to buy vps for my real map server. i want cheap and good company or trusted person what are the specifications for real map server my server 8.60 real map
  8. Elgenady

    website layout

    i want someone to create new website for my project real map with new layout
  9. Elgenady

    nothing to do :D

    hello guys i have 6-8 hours free everyday and don't have anything to do anyone need help in his server support 0.4 source ( have good experience) there any good server online i can play like (ascalon) anyone need tester in his server i'm mostafa from egypt 32 years old
  10. Elgenady

    TFS 0.X function getmentality

    hello i use 0.4 i add mentality attributes like armor attributes in {item.cpp and item.h and items.cpp and items.h and luascript.cpp {luaGetItemInfo}} and i want to use this function function getmentality(cid) local mentality = 0 for i = CONST_SLOT_FIRST,CONST_SLOT_LAST do if...
  11. Elgenady

    search for anything to do

    if there any 8.60 server use 0.4 source need help i can help i have free time and nothing to do :S
  12. Elgenady


    hello guys how i can make something like this in 0.4 source ? <event class="Player" method="onLook" enabled="1"/> i need when player use right click on hiself create monster
  13. Elgenady

    extract pictures

    hello guys how i can extract pictures from my tibia.otb? im use old tibia.otb and need items picture
  14. Elgenady

    walk cross

    hello guys i'm use 0.4 i need player can't walk cross like in video but in special area
  15. Elgenady

    TFS 0.X targetDistance with exeta res

    i use 0.4 source and i try to make something like this bool Monster::challengeCreature(Creature* creature) { if(isSummon() || !selectTarget(creature)) return false; targetChangeCooldown = 8000; targetChangeTicks = 0; mType->targetDistance = 1; return true; } its...
  16. Elgenady

    monster level

    i use monster level 1.3 i use msg->put<char>(SKULL_RED); in protocolgame but game can't read the skull by lua like getCreatureSkullType(cid) == 4 how i can make game read monster skull by lua for 0.4 or 1.3
  17. Elgenady

    monster level

    how i can use this cod int32_t levels = monster->getMonsterType()->levelMax - monster->getMonsterType()->levelMin; i want to calculate between levellmax and levelmin tfs 0.4 or 1.3
  18. Elgenady

    Antibot for 0.4

    this system work on 0.4 first go to creaturescript make file name antibot.lua local key = 125 function onKill(cid, target) if isMonster(target) and getPlayerLevel(cid) >= 250 and getCreatureMaxHealth(target) >= 500 and getCreatureMaster(target) == nil and getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 126) == -1...
  19. Elgenady

    Random items loot

    hello i use this random loot script and everything work good but when need to add some thing like attr['good'] = { attr = 'skillsword', name = 'Sword', percent = {6, 20}, types = {MELEE} } get this error im use tfs 0.4 anyone can tell me how to add some thing like...
  20. Elgenady

    caster vocation

    i need help in something in caster (combat.cpp) i want this cod check caster vocation if(target->getPlayer() || target->getMonster()) caster->isKnight()->getStorage((uint32_t)170218, value); but always give me this error class Creature’ has no member named ‘isKnight’ i have in player.cpp...