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  1. lukatxd

    Lua 7.6 How to make a NPC who changes outfits for Players?

    does it only change appearance? Look how the creature illusion skill works and copy part of the code from there
  2. lukatxd

    OTClient Problems regarding packages to compile OTC

    This worked fine! THANK YOU! downloaded all the x32 dependencies and compiled with no problems. 1611767845 eeh.. it compiled, but how do I go from here?
  3. lukatxd

    OTClient Problems regarding packages to compile OTC

    Hi everyone, so far I've had issues with the lua.h -> luajit/lua.h stuff which took me SOME time of research because changing to luajit was not enough... the vcpkg and VS2019 were using a different lua file that had a different version. BUT NOW, the problem is with PHYSFS.H and zlib1.lib ...
  4. lukatxd

    Does OTC work with TFS?

    So, I've created a small server to mess with my brother last year but was a TFS 1.3 downgraded by Nekiro to work with tibia 8.6. But now I want to use OTC, because it supposedly has more room to create stuff as I've read. The question is what server/distro should I use to launch a server to be...
  5. lukatxd

    TFS 1.X+ Trade window consider another item as money

    This is using the 1.3 TFS downgraded by Nekiro to run Tibia 8.60. I do not think there would be massive changes in versions, but maybe stuff has indeed changed... I'll EDIT my previous post to detail what source files have been edited. - EDIT: It seems I cannot edit my previous posts. So...
  6. lukatxd

    Lua Spell that fires something upwards then rains down like a meteorfall

    1.3, downgraded by Nekiro. It's not like the link you provided. The spell was like a firework. The player would cast it by saying the spell name, doesnt need a target or weapon. It would then fire a projectile (used the same effect as firing a gfb) that would fly off screen going northwest or...
  7. lukatxd

    Lua Item returning unexpected value

    When I had to debug a Lua script, I used a function that prints to Tibia's console in green letters. player:sendTextMessage(MESSAGE_INFO_DESCR, "message here")
  8. lukatxd

    LukatxD sprites

    but what is the sprites total dimension? 64x ? Damn, I've failed with you. I removed my OT setup because it was messing with my internet configuration and never got to work on my sprites/ot again... will try to get back to it this weeken with the geography for the server :p will try to mix LOTK...
  9. lukatxd

    FREE SPRITES GALLERY. (Post yours too!)

    made a quickie to contribute too :p If anyone decide to use it, send me a screenshot XD
  10. lukatxd

    My League Of Legends Sprites in Tibia!

    lol did this seriously fit the 32x32? boy here is making miracles happen
  11. lukatxd

    Lua Spell that fires something upwards then rains down like a meteorfall

    I've seen it back in the days but never got my hands on one of these scripts. How am I supposed to make an effect go to some direction without a target? and then how to make it fall from said direction?
  12. lukatxd

    [GESIOR] Image does not appear

    does the image exist in the correct folder? did you configure your vhost.conf to grant access to everything? like mine <VirtualHost *:8080> ServerName yourOtNameHere ServerAlias yourOtNameHere DocumentRoot "${INSTALL_DIR}/www/yourFolderHere" <Directory...
  13. lukatxd

    My Harry Potter's gallery.

    I know that, but it could fit to the same size as a citizen outfit. So I compared both and their heads are pixel perfectly aligned to maintain perspective. reduced size of one of his feet claws. So the only thing that feels "off" is the right hand, but that's his charm so I'm not changing.
  14. lukatxd

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.1] Ultimate item stat system (elements, skills, exp, loot and more)

    can we ress this thread? I'm having the same issue as @tejdi gems can't be used, even tho they are in the actions.xml EDIT: change function stat_onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, attempt) if not(Item(target) or Creature(target)) then return false end to function...
  15. lukatxd

    Lua find variables for system in different files

    I'm fiddling with a system of over 3 thousand lines, and it is troublesome to keep going back and forth to read stuff. Is it possible to separate variable declarations/other functions into separate files? file 1: enums declarations file 2: call functions using those enums file 3: call...
  16. lukatxd

    3 hours green stamina

    but would it make the stamina bar appear in green as well?
  17. lukatxd

    My Harry Potter's gallery.

    hey, seeing as you're a better outfit maker than me, can you please help me make my outfit look in the right perspective? when looking to the right it feels like it is off This is the character, he walks with his arms and legs a bit spread when standing
  18. lukatxd

    LukatxD sprites

    They look great man! I'm loving that exodia! Make a thread of your own to share more of your work with us :) Haven't touched any 64x before, but I'm still improving on raziel's outfit in 32x Made the arms shorter, but for some reason I feel like it is not in the right perspective when looking...
  19. lukatxd

    [TFS 1.2] Critical System Health/Mana

    <event type="healthchange" name="criticalHitSystemXHP" script="critical_hit_system.lua"/> <event type="manachange" name="criticalHitSystemXMP" script="critical_hit_system.lua"/> Didnt know that it considers damage to mana and damage to health differently. I'm using TFS 1.3 (downgraded by...
  20. lukatxd

    TFS 1.X+ Cancel day light on tiles to make a dark zone

    can't you make terrain on floors above? I mean if you need floor 7 to be dark, add terrain and walls on floor 3-4 ?