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  1. dantexd

    [OtLand Official Mapping Competition] [S2] - February Voting Thread *SEASON 2 FINALE*

    Id say nr #2 - IF INSTEAD of the mountain edges on +2 it was a +3 and that would be an entrance to the inside of the mountain (Because thats imo not an elf respawn) But I must say nr#1 is my fav. (Right monsters, right ambientation)
  2. dantexd

    Znote Acc Scheme Error

    Hope everyone is having a good day! Any hero want a cape? I´ll explain basicly I was following some tutorials but cant manage to finish my task. Im having some errors while trying to setup my UniformServer webpage I am using TFS 1.3 Znote Acc Master UniformServer Zero XIV WEBPAGE No...
  3. dantexd

    TFS 0.X Is it possible to move from TFS 0.X to 1.X?

    Hello fellas, I worked on a 0.3.6 database and I am very curious if its possible to move to 1.x TFS. (Without having to delete my scripts database) Just curious ☺ Cheers mates :))
  4. dantexd

    TFS 0.3.6 SPAM (luaGetThingFromPos) Tile not found

    Basicly this spell what it does is push the target, but when pushing into nowhere my console gets spammed with this (luaGetThingFromPos) Tile not found and my game freezes, how could I make a restrinction if tile not found then move to nearest tile? Thanks 4 reading and Regards! function...
  5. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    @Shadowsong Im so sorry:( my client aint randomizing I dont understand why I do understand script @River KA Sent via pm
  6. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    So my problem its that #musicPaths or #listOfMusic arent getting linked inside math randomizing
  7. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Same problem only focuses on 1 song on opening client aint doing the math randomize This is my music direction though, dont know if it has something to do C:\Users\Juan\Desktop\NTOWar\data\sounds math.randomseed(os.time()) musicFilename = listOfMusic[math.random(1, #listOfMusic)]...
  8. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    @Shadowsong I dont know what might be x.x
  9. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Cant manage to randomize still :C I thought it was working because it was playing another song than usual but doesnt does the random pick [email protected] local musicFilename = "/sounds/startup" local musicChannel = g_sounds.getChannel(1) function setMusic(filename) musicFilename = filename...
  10. dantexd

    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    Im insterested Discord: Im Almighty #7316
  11. dantexd

    Programmer Need help to develop your server? Lets do that! WEB / Servers and Clients

    Hello I am interested Im Almighty#7316
  12. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Yep, but there is something that isnt letting the script choose from 1 to 5 im really curious now
  13. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Hello @Steve Albert I tried adding it there where you placed it (loads client normally) but doesnt randomize between songs only plays 1 always, and after function startup(client error) but still its only playing one music instead of randomizing No module errors, nothing happens only plays 1...
  14. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    @Shadowsong It says im unable to load client module :( local startupMusicTracks = { "/sounds/startup1", "/sounds/startup2", "/sounds/startup3", "/sounds/startup4", "/sounds/startup5", } local musicChannel = g_sounds.getChannel(1) function setMusic(filename)...
  15. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Shadowsong im your fan !! Thx for taking your time Have a great day!
  16. dantexd

    (0.6.6) OTClient startup.ogg alternate

    Hello, I am curious if - Is it possible to make OTClient choose a random startup music from (1 to 5) ? Have a good day and thanks for reading me.
  17. dantexd

    Support - Rant

    There is so much creativity around and so many emotions flying because that type of people, servers cannot improve because lack that lack of information people have to work on the same thing over and over and over. People who are that selfish ots have died since a loong time if we dont help...
  18. dantexd

    Keeping up the motivation

    The real challenge is keep going on after being demotivated, when decides if its going to happen or not is "determination". I always think that what decides if I continue or not is my determination and what motivates me is feeling closer to what I desire. Though.. Even bad feelings like being...
  19. dantexd