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  1. Musaab

    How to enable monster's summons to be able to summon? TFS 1.3

    Hellos, So am trying something retarded and maybe fun , My monster x have the code inside monsters/x <summons maxSummons="1"> <summon name="x"interval="1000" chance="100" /> </summons> So the monster can spawn a replica of it self. But i want the spawned x monster to also be able...
  2. Musaab

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Level Up Reward insted of EXP upon finishing a task?

    Hey So i have a task system that rewards player by item/exp bla bla bla, my question is if its possible to instead of adding Experience as reward to add a full lvl up insted? What i mean by full level is exampel if player is lvl 100 with 50% left to lvl 101 and gets a "Full lvl" he will be...
  3. Musaab

    TFS 1.3 Storage time check

    Hey! So i have a exp scroll that uses storage Script below for to check how long time the +exp scroll has left. function onSay(cid, words, param) local player = Player(cid) local remaining = getPlayerStorageValue(cid, 9997) - os.time() if remaining <= 0 then...
  4. Musaab

    Otclient module

    Hey Could someone make a simple example how module are connected with tfs scripts? Thxxx
  5. Musaab

    Cant shoot aoe spell if to close to protection zone? TFS 1.3

    Hey so as the video explains am trying to use aoe spell on sqm that is not a proct zone but if am turned towards the zone i cannot shoot the aoe spell but if am turned against the other way it work? https://gyazo.com/b4722b26cc4152364ec71e6790c6ca53 IS this a bug or just normal??
  6. Musaab

    Monster cannot summon on fire field? TFS 1.3

    Hellos, So question, am having my boss monster to use the following <summons maxSummons="6"> <summon name="mad sorcerer" interval="2000" chance="100" /> <summon name="diadlo pim" interval="15000" chance="100" /> </summons> and my mad sorcerer and diadlo pim...
  7. Musaab

    Quest system, no space no item TFS 1.3

    Hellos, So i just came across this issue in my quest system. Say a player has no space in backpack and opens the chest, player gets the EXP added but the item get dropped on floor Part of the code below expReward = 9000000, item_reward = { [1] = {itemid = 11304, count...
  8. Musaab

    Teleport item TFS 1.3

    Hello there community, its all about sharing i guess, this is a paid script that was made for me a while ago and i thought why not share it for those that are in need of it! So idk if there is a better script out there for TFS 1.3 or not but am dropping it for the community anyways so enjoy...
  9. Musaab

    (SOLVED) RevScript Spells problem

    Hey! So i have these 2 revScript spells but they are sharing cooldown with eachother and idk why. I dont want itttt Here is the spell, the other spells has excat same function but with "spell2" insted of spell1". What have i missed, is there any easy fix or? local combat = Combat()...
  10. Musaab

    Daily Reward TFS 1.3 by Snavy error

    Ellooo! So Snavy made a script service here on Otland Lua - Snavy & Levi - Free Scripting Service - TFS 1.3 (https://otland.net/threads/snavy-levi-free-scripting-service-tfs-1-3.275695/page-2#post-2654608) He made the Daily reward that player can use each 24h. Revscript, Getting an error tho...
  11. Musaab

    Absorbhealing + absorb undefined? TFS 1.3

    Hello! Question of the daaaay is! {"absorbpercenthealing", ITEM_PARSE_ABSORBPERCENTHEALING}, When you add this to an item it says "healing +8%)." but what healing is that? Self healing, healing by sio? Runes (health + mana)? Or all types of healings? And; {"absorbpercentundefined"...
  12. Musaab

    Assistance in a summon healing player script TFS 1.3

    Soo this is my code Am trying to have the summons i summon to heal the player, am trying to set it to heal 10% of the health of the player but no mater what number i put in i always get 100% of the health back from the summons, any idea whats wrong here? Code below " local config = {...
  13. Musaab

    New vocs/spells

    Hiho, So am looking for someone who is interested of creating new vocs for me and all necessary parts! Also looking for someone who wants to create brand new spells for meeeee! Payment through PayPal only! Hit me in PM if ur interested
  14. Musaab

    Need a new team member for my server TFS 1.3

    Hello fellas n lady's? So am looking for someone who wants to join my one man team xD Looking for someone who has good knowledge about Tibia in general, programmer skills is a must since i need lots of help :] Lua, and what ever is required now days.. Source editing knowledge is a ++. I...
  15. Musaab

    Stat System issue TFS 1.3

    Hellos, So am trying to implant Nekiro's Stat System but i'v ran into a wall and cant seem to find a way around. All files in correct places, have registered player:registerEvent("StatSystemModal") also in login.lua on creaturescripts, not getting any console error and i can get the modal to...
  16. Musaab

    (Solved) Xp gain rate if not affected by exp scroll TFS 1.3

    Helloo! As the headline says, when i use a exp scroll that gives the xp rate but it does not affect the XP gaint rate, any idea how to solve this if its possible?
  17. Musaab

    My 10.98 Server Nox Ots

    Welcome to "my" creation. Last three months i'v been developing my own TFS 1.3 10.98 Server with lots of help from people from Otland community. I'd love to show some stuff off for starters. This will be basically a teleport server with a mix with free world content type of server. I want to...
  18. Musaab

    (SOLVED) Quest TFS 1.3 lua

    Hellos! So i have been looking into this script from another post Advanced quest chests 1.x (using Itutorial version of it that can be seen below if u scroll on the link) Only having issue with how to apply it to my own server, my code is questChests = { [5010] = {...
  19. Musaab

    Best way to add description for item attribut? TFS 1.3 , LUA

    Hey there! Question! Am adding attributes to items.xml exampel a Shield of honour, the attributes am trying to give the item is <attribute key="maxhitpointspercent" value="133" /> <attribute key="maxmanapointspercent" value="133" /> My issue is why does the attribute not show when you...
  20. Musaab

    Custom script issue TFS 1.3

    Hello fellas, I have tried one of Sarahs codes from her service Lua - [TFS 1.3] Free Scripting Service 📝 (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-3-free-scripting-service.274636/page-4#post-2645298). The issue seems to be that the lever part does not work in production mode, only in debug Mode. Tried...