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    [Sweden] [8.6] | Edited Evo | LAUNCH FRIDAY 18:00

    We are proud to announce the comeback of great old GhostOT! We are back as PVP-E Server! - OFFICIAL LAUNCH 2019-11-15, 18:00 CET! *Website: GhostOT.zapto.org *IP: ghostot.zapto.org *Client: 8.60 *Port: 7171 Cool events & wars can be found on ghostot aswell as custom quests & custom hunts -...
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    Trunk on linux

    Hey, As far as I know people use trunk 3777 for linux and the 3884 for windows but my question is does both of them work ? For example if I use 3884 on linux? No clue if this is the right section, if not, sorry. Thanks,
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    Solved Znote AAC error

    So as the title says I have encounterd a problem on znote aac and cant seem to figure out a fix: Any help would be appriciated, thanks in advance.
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    GhostOT Datapack

    For those who ever wanted a ghostot datapack, here you go it contains all donations and quests working & spells that were on real ghostot. Havefun! Common bugs: Blessings. https://www.mediafire.com/?3bf83vtqnuhvcre
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    [SWEDEN] GhostOT 8.60 | Edited Evolution Map | Balanced Vocations

    GhostOT Online soon! - (14-09-12 - 18:00 CET) Basic Information Ip: ghostot.no-ip.org Website: ghostot.no-ip.org Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Server Information PVP System: Pvp (Exp by killing players) FragsRS: 50 Blackskull: Disabled PZTime: 3 Minutes Balanced Vocations Balanced Runes Balanced...