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  1. Vightrain

    8.6 or Latest Client? Time to Poll!

    No doubt 8.60 :P
  2. Vightrain

    Remove red skull but not frags!

    Updated first post :)
  3. Vightrain

    Remove red skull but not frags!

    Yes it does - - - Updated - - - Troll more, hehe
  4. Vightrain

    Remove red skull but not frags!

    function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) if getPlayerSkullType(cid) >= 1 then doCreatureSetSkullType(cid, 0) doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid,27,"Your skull have been removed!") doSendMagicEffect(getPlayerPosition(cid),CONST_ME_MAGIC_RED) doRemoveItem(item.uid, 1)...
  5. Vightrain

    Difference between locallhost and 127?

    Sometimes it get stuck, try ctrl+r & then try both addresses... since both & localhost is the same, try another browser also.
  6. Vightrain


    Created a new spotify account and bought this from Abes800 & it works, definitely trusted!
  7. Vightrain

    Action deleted thread

    Why giving this old thread a bump? lol
  8. Vightrain

    Advertise in otservlist.org to make it starting soon in top of the page..

    It's recommended even if it can be kinda expensive :)
  9. Vightrain

    Vightrain.Net Project - Take a look!

    Site is up and server looks promising, just some adjusts and the server will be running 1st december :)!! Please visit Vightrain - Latest News or http://otland.net/f43/poland-vightrain-net-full-real-map-evo-town-start-1st-dec-2012-18-00-cest-173993/
  10. Vightrain

    Happy Birthday Talaturen & Don Daniello!

    Happy birthday mate :)
  11. Vightrain

    Lua Is it possible?

    Yes, Seems like you understood me right mate :) EDIT: Summ has a point there...
  12. Vightrain

    Lua Is it possible?

    No, but one way is to add storages to the players while they are in this X area and make a .php file to check the storages. Hope this was enough answer of your question.
  13. Vightrain


    Truly amazing, and I'm speechless on the last goal.
  14. Vightrain

    Setup Website & Server on the fastest way @ Dedicated Server!

    Please only english or swedish coz they are the only ones i understand...
  15. Vightrain

    running lighttpd?

    there is no such thing as Z: in linux... change encryption type to sha1
  16. Vightrain

    running lighttpd?

    Use ip-changer. Open ports 7171, 7172, 8080 Check your server config if it has right database info, root, password, databasename and so on.. Go to you're website config and check if the path to your server is right. Double check that though.
  17. Vightrain


    As long as you're arabian which means if you can the language coz there is no such country called Arab xD
  18. Vightrain

    Codecademy, learn coding easy.

    Do you have these glasses?!
  19. Vightrain

    Gaming Records070's Lifethread @ Aurora <Resumed>

    Nice thread bro!:) Do you have alot of money? In that case I wonder if you are interested in a premium scroll? I'm in need of cash!! :)
  20. Vightrain

    [Netherlands] Singularity 8.6 Unique map!!

    Dude, seems like you are creating many otland accounts to write positive comments on this post. For that reason I'm not going to try it out, sorry!