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  1. Erick Etchebeur

    My new gallery

    Hey! the key frames are looking very cool. I would suggest to study more about animation itself and how to connect the said key frames in a more coherent way. Did a quickly example myself :) v1 v2
  2. Erick Etchebeur


    Too hard to match with the sprites from op but tried my best
  3. Erick Etchebeur

    When making a server, don't forget what got you into Tibia

    Great Thread! But what about develop games using the OT/TFS framework and not just servers? 🤔
  4. Erick Etchebeur

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    It's not made originally by Lucas Melo?
  5. Erick Etchebeur

    Andreew's Showoff.

    Hey Andrew! Did a quickly sketch because I loved your idea! and will add some tips: - Think more about the shape and what is important on your idea that will need attention - Don't use brush. You don't understand the fundamentals enough to use it and it will always just give the illusion of...
  6. Erick Etchebeur

    Looktovask Gallery

    Hey nice to see you Look! Now finish this creature ;)
  7. Erick Etchebeur


    Tibia usually have A LOT of useless frames honestly. Check another 2d game for example, you don't need 8 frames to make something looking good and smooth at all ;)
  8. Erick Etchebeur


    Nice! I would invest now on making the animation more appealing. Maybe 4 frames at least instead of just 2? :cool:
  9. Erick Etchebeur


    I would have the legs more separated and the outline also applied in few pieces inside the creature to have the arms and body more distinguishable. Would work on the highlight as well :)
  10. Erick Etchebeur

    Marek12 Gallery (FREE2USE)

    Nice! keep improving! :)
  11. Erick Etchebeur

    Vingart ShowOFF

    Really nice mate! If I were you I would focus on your own IP instead of Naturo btw 😏
  12. Erick Etchebeur

    Sprites by Saphron

    Nice touch! loving the details. This game deserves this attention 🥳
  13. Erick Etchebeur

    Marek12 Gallery (FREE2USE)

    Try more dynamic shapes and better colors :)
  14. Erick Etchebeur

    My attack animation

    Looks pretty nice!
  15. Erick Etchebeur

    Graphic Designer (free sprite everyday) 5$ sprites, quality guaranteed.

    Great initiative, I loved the best circle xD good luck!
  16. Erick Etchebeur

    [Keal Atis] Learning to draw sprites

    I think you are looking for a result without doing a fundamental study beforehand. I recommend that you have more patience and watch some tutorials. The perspective is already cool!
  17. Erick Etchebeur

    Naruto-based sprites

    It's good to see you keep moving with sprites, loving the new dungeon! 🥰
  18. Erick Etchebeur

    Bloodstone: the ancient curse

    Gzus people trashing this game are just too used to their ot's lol It's a great game and the proof that's possible to have something independent
  19. Erick Etchebeur

    Thorn's gallery

    Looks cute 🤣 are you back?
  20. Erick Etchebeur

    [Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps!

    It's always a pleasure to take a look on the Mapping Showoff and see all these awesome pieces!