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  1. Odysseia

    [FRANCE][10.98] Odysseia War // custom war server// advanced mining and crafting// - 14th Augustus 18:00 CET

    Website: Latest News - Odysseia (http://odysseia-war.com/) Client: Custom Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France - OVH Exp rate: 7% on monsters, pvp-enforcerd (High exp) Map: Custom map 10.98 Runes: Potion altars, most runes unlimited Server type: Pvp- Enforced. Custom Client Active Owners...
  2. Odysseia

    Odysseia Spriting Showoff

    For our first showoff... Sauron on his Nazgul!
  3. Odysseia

    [FRANCE] [10.98] ODYSSEIA / / Custom WAR server / / Advanced Mining System // Unique OT

    Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: France Exp rate: low - Medium (Player vs player gives more exp) Server type: WAR/RPG. [Website]: www.odysseia-war.com [World configuration]: -Custom map with RL map features, -Custom Client, -Avanced Mining System, -Custom event portal
  4. Odysseia

    Odysseia-War [Mapping Showoff]

    Enjoy our latest custom city! Follow us for more upcoming details!
  5. Odysseia

    Odysseia - war: Mapping show off, client 10.98

    Welcome all! The next images i'm going to show you, are some of the made pieces or existing maps with a complete custom make over! Odysseia-war will be a server where you have to kill players to gain money or defend the bosses at certain places of the map, who will drop special equiment, only...