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  1. tiagomelojuca

    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    Nice work @Mehah. We can see the effort you're putting on this. I do admire your job, gl!!
  2. tiagomelojuca

    [8.60] TFS 0.4 Rev3996 War & Cast

    Yes, tfs 0.4 is legacy code after all (and I see no problem with this at all, handling with legacy code is part of the job), but since linux distros usually keep everything up-to-date, it's something to pay attention. But could happen in msys2, since it's arch based. I still think it's a...
  3. tiagomelojuca

    [8.60] TFS 0.4 Rev3996 War & Cast

    The linker actually found the gmp import library in your PATH, but the symbols inside it are not matching with the ones included by project header files. Probably something related to the version you have in your path versus some old version he've used. TLDR: the API has changed and your system...
  4. tiagomelojuca

    Existem BR's?

    valeu!! vou dar uma olhada!! eu li isso pós pandemia... até voltei pra ver a data do post
  5. tiagomelojuca

    Existem BR's?

    Aos desenvolvedores brazuka do TFS (@Evil Puncker e @Lordfire são os que lembro agora, peço perdão aos demais ), por onde recomendam começar a estudar a implementação pra começar a contribuir?
  6. tiagomelojuca

    [DISCUSSION] 128x128 pixels Tibia sprites with AI (neural network)

    Usually, I don't agree with most of your thoughts (I do agree with your ideas, but not with your extremism). I have no intention of attack you at all... but, also, there is no need to provoke them this way. Even if they don't share the code, their results can represent a goal to our community...
  7. tiagomelojuca

    [DISCUSSION] 128x128 pixels Tibia sprites with AI (neural network)

    Indeed, even if it's not perfect, it's a huge upgrade and a fantastic result. Congratulations to you both, I'll check your server soon to see the ingame result with my own eyes! It's certainly something very interesting to work on... And totally agree with you: this is this future of OTClient -...
  8. tiagomelojuca

    Graphic Designer Visual designer and illustrator

    Hey, nice stuff here! Congratulations! I really miss the old TibiaBR times... so nostalgic! And I do remember some of these arts, but didn't know the person who made. Great art work :)
  9. tiagomelojuca

    [DISCUSSION] 128x128 pixels Tibia sprites with AI (neural network)

    Precompilled binaries for Windows 64bits: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7uhdnccvgflnchr/otclient_hr-x86_64.zip?dl=1 Scan: VirusTotal (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/77d53e11d62af9a320c2d9a8362c5b4ed4a88ec211f8d62eff8a3e92114290d8/detection) Providing precompilled binaries just for...
  10. tiagomelojuca

    RME Nostalrius 0xc000007b

    Glad you solved! Just for complement, if anyone had the same error (0xc000007b): this is usually related to a 32 bit process calling 64 bit DLLs. Answering your question about why it didn't work even the DLLs already existing in system32: my guess is the RME binary you got was compiled with a...
  11. tiagomelojuca

    3Dragons - Tibia 3D from well-known OTS creators

    That is a while since the last time I became excited about something in Open Tibia ecossytem. Creating a 3D client implementation compatible with the TFS protocol is an idea I have since OTC has born, but since my career began just this year, I still have not the necessary knowledge for doing...
  12. tiagomelojuca

    YurOTS (TFS 1.2) MySQL 🎇 Happy New Year

    I see no reason for not being possible, but you'll be better using WSL2 or any other VM-based solution. Of course it will affect performance, but since you're asking for compilling in Windows, my guess is that you're doing it just for fun. In this case, just try any VM-solution following the...
  13. tiagomelojuca

    Existem BR's?

    Tô há um ano sem sair de casa. Tá foda Mãe imunosuprimida + asma Muito conhecido meu já morreu dessa desgraça :(
  14. tiagomelojuca

    Linux Help Compiling

    It's a required dependency. If you're using a debian based distro, please try sudo apt install libcrypto++-dev If you have another dependency related problem, you can check all needed dependencies in the Wiki, here. Hope it helps.
  15. tiagomelojuca

    Linux Help Compiling

    Did you install libcrypto++-dev?
  16. tiagomelojuca


    Yep, the API has changed. I had the same problem here. @jo31 Just download and compile physfs-3*. Then, update it in the old SDK. It should compile fine. But you'll probably face any other problem. So, if you're using the old sdk, it's better to pick an old otc version too.