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  1. Marcelo Druida

    Common Disappointments

    What I miss the most about servers is the community aspect. I haven't played many, but nearly all I did failed to engage people to communicate and collaborate. I believe they should invest time on how people interact. My best remembrances on the game aren't playing solo. I'd log in simply to...
  2. Marcelo Druida

    Open Tibia GameJams - discussion

    I'd rather bet more advanced people to want to join this than beginners. I wonder this to be only about quests or any other bit of the game experience. Like redesigning existings quests like POI, creating quests with resourceful systems or appealing lore, new set of spells, reworked vocations or...
  3. Marcelo Druida

    [RME] Features needed for TFS

    You think we should go for a new xml file or alter the otbm structure? Server-side how we should treat the map area? I can't see how we could make those mostly in Lua as I'd even need to edit the map editor.
  4. Marcelo Druida

    [RME] Features needed for TFS

    I'm interested in contributing to the following features: Varying Monster Spawn Map Area Improved respawn rate (not sure) How can we discuss about it and agree about its format?
  5. Marcelo Druida

    [TFS 1.2] Tibia 11 analysers

    Great! I was wondering about analytics these days. I've queued this to try. Wish you had provided us some pictures of the resulting data and maybe some thoughts on what more you had thought about this.
  6. Marcelo Druida

    Programmer Integrate OTX Maluco Cast System for US$25

    Could you comment about this system state of the art almost 3 years later ?
  7. Marcelo Druida

    Team Putting a team together

    I've joined efforts here. Marshall is a talented guy, has bold vision and is willing to receive new ideas and take criticism. More help is still appreciated!
  8. Marcelo Druida

    Shirako ~Mapping Thread~

    This raw seems like you the magician is showing ur secret technique
  9. Marcelo Druida

    Studying the forgotten server and OTClient's Sources

    try to understand all lua scripts then luascript.cpp/h, creature/monster/player.cpp, game.cpp, protocolgame.cpp and then you'd probably know what to do next OTC start with protocol files try to choose some features and follow them into sources and Lua cant give you much clues about otc, i'm not...
  10. Marcelo Druida

    OTSMyAdmin - Looking for ideas

    yea just like i said, currently, those kind of things are not possible because there are a lot a stuff to be put into c++ & lua but you surprise me saying that you cant see its usefulness ok that its more useful to custom servers but still...
  11. Marcelo Druida

    What makes tibia fun?

    i used to have a lot of fun at pking and doing war yes i also had fun while hunting but i was more excited by having profit/leveling than hunting itself but tbh nothing compares to making and maintaining friends i've never played a game that has such a social aspect than Tibia does (because no...
  12. Marcelo Druida

    Programmer System: Fog, Hail, thunderbolts, thunders

    are you sure? its feasible in OTC have you contacted edmignari?
  13. Marcelo Druida

    OTSMyAdmin - Looking for ideas

    hello! nice project was always on my mind otservers lack of analytics. i know that currently a full featured analytic platform is not possible but your project is a really good start but what do i expect in a full featured system? metrics for game content like: quests and dungeons,wealth...
  14. Marcelo Druida

    Programmer New creature events for otsvn

    i'm up to it
  15. Marcelo Druida

    OTs11 ~ Tibia North America Purge! Custom map TFS 1.2 clients 11+

    looks pretty cool very creative xD
  16. Marcelo Druida

    Andreew's Showoff.

    very talented would enjoy playing / working ur server
  17. Marcelo Druida

    Cannot save player info..

    looks like you inserted a cast system to your sources but didnt made the needed database change! where did you got this system? if you simply had got full src, you created the tfs database thru its SQL schema or you already had a database before (or had just take standard TFS schema)?
  18. Marcelo Druida

    Scripter Buy 2 scriptsfor OTHIRE and i want to fix 1

    hello sent you pm
  19. Marcelo Druida

    Questing based server

    i'd enjoy a server that those quests mainly rewards me with usable/charges items that gives me strategic advantages towards strong enemies and situations. some of those quests should be able to be redone as well.
  20. Marcelo Druida

    Unity3D client?

    it would be already far ahead of otclient despite of that he would also amazingly develop some management skills since ofc he'd need to keep contributors on the right path (and thats probably his main concern regarding accepting thirds contribution imho)