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  1. Myrkz

    [USA][10.98] Eternal Tibia launch EDT 4:00 October 29th 2021 - Tibia 8.x up to 12.x, Graphic! - Windows + Linux + Mac + android client!

    Hello and welcome to EternalTibia, where we do our upmost to give you the gaming experience you are looking for. We are extremely excited to open our server to the public EDT 4:00 October 29th 2021 after months of endless work and many long nights implementing systems that will benefit our...
  2. Myrkz

    Why does OTClient come with such a laggy walk

    I don´t have that problem are you use you use the latest new version with updated walking system?
  3. Myrkz

    Pixel Art by Danek

    Looks cool! :) keep up the good work!
  4. Myrkz

    OTClient Make a 8.54 server read a 8.10 spr

    Just add the items.otb on ur server and add spr and dat to your client? :)
  5. Myrkz

    TFS 1.X+ Using tfs 1.3 master

    This should only happen if you got more then 1 client open :/ i got no idea why it happens to you with only 1 clint open, Sorry i can´t help there hope you figure it out.
  6. Myrkz

    TFS 1.X+ Using tfs 1.3 master

    If you already have full map you can do this "Right click your map, and in properties check "read-only" so it doesn't wipe sometimes after restarts" only thing with this it won´t save new map
  7. Myrkz

    Additional Sprites + Items Problems..

    Are you sure you added Spr/dat right to your client?
  8. Myrkz

    Action For Quiver

    Yeah please tell us :)
  9. Myrkz

    [USA][10.98] Eternal Tibia June 7th 2021

    Yeah really soon. and it will be there really soon im sorry we haven´t added anything about it yet 🙏
  10. Myrkz

    Scroll that boosts exp for x time

    before I added these scripts, I was getting the stages exp, since adding them, I get normal tibia exp any knows why?