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  1. Kiwi Dan

    OpenTibia Custom Item Merger

    I made this code for those that always want to keep up to date with 9.7 items or changing distros... Having custom items and then having to keep up with all the modifications in the latest svn can be a nightmare! So you copy over all your custom items into from.log like: <item id="383"...
  2. Kiwi Dan

    9.53 IP Changers

    Hey guys, I am wondering why 9.53 IP changers (OTland IP changer.) Must only use .NET 3.5? It would be awesome if someone made an IP changer that didn't require .NET service packs. Even a very simple one. I have users that have installed .NET 3.5 and still haven't been able to get the IP...
  3. Kiwi Dan

    Skills Based Combat System

    Hey guys, Noticed the latest 0.2 is using a mainly level based combat system where skills aren't so important. I am wondering where in the code this can be changed?
  4. Kiwi Dan

    Can't Add/Edit Server

    Whenever I try add my server, or edit one I land on a white page and nothing happens. IE + Chrome. :/
  5. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 3.0 [9.6]

    Original Server - Original Owner (Admin Kiwi Dan.) This is a FUN SERVER! OTLand users get a free premium trial. Talk to Johnny in the temple and say 'otland' to get it. IP: kiwi-3.com Port: 7171 Client: 9.6 Uptime: 24/7 Dedicated Host (USA) Website: Kiwi 3.0 | Kiwi Server 3.0 Map: 3 years...
  6. Kiwi Dan

    Latest v0.2.12 Rune Freeze

    Edit: You can delete this thread, solved the issue.
  7. Kiwi Dan

    Trade Window Debug - 0.2.11pl2.r96

    As soon as you say trade to the npc you get debugged. Here's what I copied from the debug: Player.cpp 361: exception occured, reason: Network.cpp 956: exception occured (ErrorCode =0), reason: Control.cpp 1377: exception occured (Type = 122) (MainWindows = 36894944), reason...
  8. Kiwi Dan

    [Discussion] Official Kiwi Server Rebirth Ideas?

    Hey guys, I am considering re-opening the original kiwi server with modifications. Also planning on working on the leveling system/balancing/quests/monsters/vocations etc etc before re-releasing if I do, to improve the longevity and enjoyment of the server. Do any of you remember the old...
  9. Kiwi Dan

    @Sam / Athen / rax0n

    On 3/11/2009 I sent a notable payment to the user 'Sam' for some work on my server - he had been reliable in the past. He never... Did it. Then he said he would refund it in a few days a month or so back. Now he wont reply to private messages etc. I see he's logging back on OTland again. So...
  10. Kiwi Dan

    Mapper Kiwi Server 2.5

    We are looking for a talented mapper for a paid position who is very creative. Information about the server: We have been running for about 3 years, I have been running OTS for around 4. We have a great team of staff and we are dedicated to having a great fun community. Website...
  11. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 2.5 [8.5]

    Kiwi Server 2.5 has been released! Notice: We have upgraded to the last tibia client version, we have completely revamped the main city and fully redone our website! Connection information: IP: kiwiserver.org Port: 7171 Tibia protocol: 8.5+ Making an...
  12. Kiwi Dan

    Account Management bug?

    Hey guys, I decided it's time for me to update to TFSCMS, loving it so far! Just a question though... When I login to the account it has edit | delete but they both redirect to # (aka they do nothing.) Great job though guys, it's awesome.
  13. Kiwi Dan

    Scripter Kiwi Server 2.0 - 8.4

    I am looking for 1 -2 LUA/XML Scripter’s. You must have lots of experience in those languages and must be willing to work along side our team. We currently have a professional mapper, a very creative ideas person, a c++ programmer, that you will be working along side. Our website is: Kiwi...
  14. Kiwi Dan

    Programmer PHPer for Kiwi Server 2.0

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for a php programmer that can debug codes and work with mysql databases confidently. I need someone who knows how to work with Paypal IPN stuff or is prepared to learn how to work with it. If you are interested please PM me here or email me at...
  15. Kiwi Dan

    Programmer Kiwi Server 2.0

    Hello, I need a C++ coder for my server Kiwi Server 2.0, we run on a dedicated server and have been online for over a year now. I need a c++ coder that will be able to help me fix crashes, memory leaks etc and also add lua functions. Stability is the priority at the moment so I would accept...
  16. Kiwi Dan

    Deletion System

    The current deletion system shouldn't be how it is. I think it should copy the deleted characters over to another table for safe keeping. Hackers get into players accounts and delete the chars and the players expect me to recover them. Anyways... Is there an easy way to get data from a backup...
  17. Kiwi Dan

    Paying vs Donating in OTS

    Heya, I was wondering if anyone knows if it is illegal to accept "payments" for items in your server. I know donating isn't... I would like to use a checkout type thing for my server, but it is only in payment form and not sure if that's legal or not xD
  18. Kiwi Dan

    [Website] Donation System

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knows anyone that has or could make a script that helps with the donation process. Such as: http://wowscape.net/index.php?act=Donations I basically need a system so that when a person donates or pays he gets a Point. This point is put on the database once...
  19. Kiwi Dan

    Database Issues

    Hello, I have been experiencing database issues using latest revision of trunk. (This also happened with older versions). It has something to do with the IP in the bans database, then it says MYSQL ERROR and stops anything database related working for the server. I have to restart it to fix it...
  20. Kiwi Dan

    Tile Items

    Hello, I was wondering how you go about tracking down an item in a house. There's tile_id etc in the database, but how exactly would I find that tile_id's position? ~Kiwi Dan~