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  1. Webo

    Linux LEMP stack on debian 9

    Introduction Copying with the permission of the author from digitalocean. The LEMP software stack is a group of software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and web applications. This is an acronym that describes a Linux operating system, with an Nginx web server. The backend data is...
  2. Webo

    Merry Christmas Otland <3

    I have been out of the forum for a year because of work. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Webo

    New internet 5GHz TV cable

    TEST 1: Test 2
  4. Webo

    Unlimited free private repositories with GitHub

  5. Webo

    Come Back

    Wracam po banie na otland ponad rok tu nie byłem jak tam tfs pod 11 będzie rozwijany ? jakieś projekty ciekawe serwerów ? Ktoś jakąś pomoc potrzebuję pisać na priv albo tu
  6. Webo

    My Disco

    old :D Bez Nazwy ;);););););):confused::confused::confused:
  7. Webo

    [Znote AAC] Show outfits on top 5

    Hello ;) Old: New: How to install: 1. Go to layout/widgets/topplayers.php 2. Replace the code below: <div class="sidebar"> <h3>Top 5 players</h3> <?php $cache = new Cache('engine/cache/topPlayer'); if ($cache->hasExpired()) {...
  8. Webo

    jakieś tam wspólne tematy naszym celem

    Mam małe pytanko dla Polskich użytkowników czy wy też wspieracie tych kłamców z t.net.pl Nie chcę o kimś gadać i nie wiem kto jest właścicielem tego forum. Ale takie gnidy trzeba gnębić które robią pieniądze na nowych użytkownikach i sprzedają open source za 500 zł czy to nie jest...
  9. Webo

    Inclined Border

    Maybe someone knows how to bend the border Use css
  10. Webo

    AAC js to get screen and pass to PHP

    How to use js to get the width and height of the screen and pass to PHP? <?php if (isset($_GET['width']) && isset($_GET['height'])) { echo "width".$_GET['width']." "; echo "height ".$_GET['height']; } else { echo '<scpt type="text/javascript">'; echo 'location.href="'; echo...
  11. Webo

    ShadowCores Layout for Znote AAC

    Layout for Znote AAC based on twifysoft.net using bootstrap-3.3.7 Download SS:
  12. Webo

    Building a site for the server secret.pl

  13. Webo

    [Znote AAC] Change months language

    Special thanks to @Znote for help function getClock($time = false, $format = false, $adjust = true) { if ($time === false) $time = time(); // Date string representation $date = "d F Y (H:i)"; // 15 July 2013 (13:50) if ($adjust) $adjust = (1 * 3600); // Adjust to fit your...
  14. Webo

    [Znote AAC] Show outfit on characterprofile

    I have outfiter but do not know how to call the outfit player on characterprofile.php tried to send a message select to the mysql but have something like this...
  15. Webo

    Linux TFS 1.2/1.3

    Someone tell me how to do a quest with 3 cases and only 1 reward? whore all day with this Fuck and Not Found as it is written ....
  16. Webo

    Tfs 1.2/1.3 Vocations

    Hello. He wants to increase the amount of mana per second, but I do not know how much is 1 minute 120 = one minute ? gainsoulticks="120"
  17. Webo

    [Znote aac] Required selecting a flag!

    Required selecting a flag! on regiter.php <?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; logged_in_redirect(); include 'layout/overall/header.php'; if (empty($_POST) === false) { // $_POST[''] $required_fields = array('username', 'password', 'password_again', 'email', 'selected')...
  18. Webo

    TFS 1.2/1.3 kill monster create portal

    kill monster create portal its possible ?
  19. Webo

    Restart stone every minute

    Anyone know how to do to the stone appeared again in 1 minute? local t = { Position(993, 127, 5), -- stone position Position(993, 131, 5), -- teleport creation position{x = 993, y = 131, z = 5} Position(1049, 829, 7) -- where the teleport takes you } function onUse(player, item...
  20. Webo

    NPC TFS 1.3 All In One Felus

    All In One Loot Buyer: Rashid Sam Rock In A Hard Place Haroun Nah'bob Alesar <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <npc name="Felus" script="default.lua" walkinterval="1500" speed="100" walkradius="2" floorchange="0" speechbubble="2"> <health max="100" now="100"/> <look type="128"...