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  1. Slec

    Lua [lua/sql query] getDataString

    Hello, guys! I having this error, i pretty new with scripts so i have no clue of what is going on. It's a castle war system, i currently using OTX 8.7 distro. I got the error on movements, but it happens whnever the scripts try to execute the getDataString("guild")... Already happened on...
  2. Slec

    The tales of Efferus [Revamp]

    The tales of Efferus. Hello there! Efferus is a server that is in the business for over 07 years. The last time he went online was in December, 2013. The server has gone through several versions (7.30-8.70). The map is completely unique, with focus on RPG, but the areas are quite...
  3. Slec

    Valibor Town (v8.7) - [Slec]

  4. Slec

    Random ice stuff - [Slec]

    Map info: Version: 10.31 Size: 92kb Download: http://www.speedy*****malware.localhost/Fxby2/random-ice.rar Enjoy /Slec
  5. Slec

    [10.31] PoI seals - [Slec]

    Map info: All main seals of pits of inferno revamped. Version: 10.31 Size: 227 kb Slec for president, Slec.
  6. Slec

    Banshee - [Slec]

    Map Info: Undead Area. Version: 10.31 Size: 97kb download: http://www.speedy*****malware.localhost/cpUpT/banshee.rar Enjoy, Slec.
  7. Slec

    Elves - [Slec]

    Enjoy folks, Slec.
  8. Slec

    [10.98] Den of Sin

    Another release.. Enjoy! Den of sin. Map info: A undead hunt spot. Size: 270kb. Version: 10.98 Screenshots: Kind regards, Slec Note: Re-uploaded by @Peonso
  9. Slec

    PoH, Cyclops and Outlaws. [Slec]

    Some random hunt spots. /Slec
  10. Slec

    [10.10] RPG City: Valkaria and Prima [By Slec]

    Releasing some old stuff. Minimap: Info: Prima (100% done, with respawn and no bugs). Valkaria (70% done and it has some bugs). Client: 10.10. Size: 1,6mb Screenshots: /Slec.
  11. Slec

    Slec's latest mapping pieces.

    Best so far. (in my opnion) Kind regards, Slec.
  12. Slec

    RPG - Rock Island.

    Map Version: 10.31 Description: 100% custom "Rookgaard" Download Link: http://speedy*****malware.localhost/52cy8/Rock-Island.rar Town: Some hunts: Credits: 90% Me (Slec), 10% owners of random download map pieces. Have Fun!