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  1. xsaint

    Mapper Viserion - Additional Mappers/Spriters

    Currently looking for someone to map some things on the side for my server, below are some examples of my mapping and want someone who can recreate or map in the same style. I'll reward the person with steam games/items, since I have a decent sized steam wallet. Here are some examples of my...
  2. xsaint

    First Time Spriting

    Only ever really made some shitty swords in paint. Heres two fail helmets, ones a bone helmet other was meant to be something cool but it failed. Feel free to use if anyone wants to.
  3. xsaint


    This thread is a gallery of images of a server I'm currently working on. Some smaller ideas taken from other images, credits to those people. City Temple City Depot and Gambling Hall - Slots, Checkers (verse a bot), Bomberman Event Castle Sewer System City Images...
  4. xsaint

    RME Tile Randomiser

    Anyone have any randomisers for a few of the newer tiles? 18580 to 18590 (Swamp Tiles) 17665 to 17672 (Mossy Floor) Or able to point me in the direction of making one?
  5. xsaint

    Creating ACC in myphp

    I don't need a website or anything, I previously had examples I believe in the distro when I loaded myphp. It has this but there is no accounts or players, I only need the one account for testing mapping. I tried GESIORS and Znote and shit just kept messing up, is there a way I can manually add...
  6. xsaint

    Mapper Map Reviewer - Teacher

    As title states, offering my services to teach people how to map. I obviously won't step by step help you create things however I'm happy for people to send me pictures or the maps themselves for critique to better themselves as a mapper (in my eyes at-least) and give them a better understanding...
  7. xsaint

    Nature Examples

    A few small nature examples to fill in gaps in maps, just import and copy paste them into certain parts of your map. I'll be posting more examples over the time. Examples below;
  8. xsaint

    NPC walk certain direction + NPC don't change direction

    As title says, I'm in need of two scripts. 1) I have a general who I want to "march" west to east 5 paces and back on repeat. 2) I have royal guards who I want to either speak to the player then revert to the direction they were facing, or if easier reply but don't face the player. Thanks in...
  9. xsaint

    Config.Lua not being read

    Woke up today haven't changed a single thing however my server won't recognize config.lua >> Loading config [Error - ConfigManager::load] cannot open config.lua: No such file or directory > ERROR: Unable to load config.lua! >> No services running. The server is NOT online. I've replaced the...
  10. xsaint

    Collect X item script

    Below are some pictures of the example, basically I have a NPC that is a pirate who transports goods, the dockhand messed up and the crane dropped his load into the water. I'm going to make a part of the dock that allows you to enter the water but only in a certain area. I want to know if its...
  11. xsaint

    Reward Chest - Key

    Basically I have a door that has a NPC trapped inside, theres a crate in a different cave behind a boss that contains a key. I want it so the key opens the door, but when the door opens the player gets a text message from the NPC "I knew you'd come back, please take this, it might not seem like...
  12. xsaint

    Mapping Showcase~

    Haven't mapped since 2010, decided to come back and give it a second whirl. Still getting used to the editor and what not, so we'll learn as we go. LATEST PICTURE