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  1. teka123

    YurOts in 2021?

    Hello. I come with this question to you, do you think that yurots 7.6 would have a chance in 2021? Here's what has been or will be changed: Basic yurots map (no rookgaard) + own mega big makeover. Exp is the best constant, I think 5x would be appropriate. Pvp - Enforced: 1x with a multiplier...
  2. teka123

    Team Vive-War.Eu takes Recruitment!

    Vive-War.Eu takes Recruitment! Welcome to All Members! I would like to announce that it has been an open call to the newly formed project "Vive-War". Brief information on the project: * E-PvP (Gaining experience by killing players). * Heavily edited Evolution...
  3. teka123

    New Custom Map Server 9.8+ with 999X?

    Welcome. I would like to ask, do you think that the burn 999X server for Tibia 9.8 + with its own map-made by good mappers, their own spells on cooldown, and Missions, Events, and map games, which will be the elements of the latest Tibia?
  4. teka123

    Scripter Balance for YourServer! Look This!

    Hello. I want to offer you to create a Balance by me for your server. I know that a lot of players complain of poor balance, or simply balance Hoster doing something broke down. So then I take to me. I can create any balance, strength at every level, and every spell and rune properly adapt to...
  5. teka123

    [Poland] Akademicki WAR 7.6 Hamachi Open 24/7! New Systems!

    website; Ip: Version : 7.6 Custom YurOTS Akademicki War is hosted on a dedicated server computer 24/7. Akademicki War using the Tibia 7.6 client. Ip: Hamachi: Name NetWordk: AKA-WAR, password: ots Port: 7171 Client: 7.6 Environment: Custom YurOTS...
  6. teka123

    New TP ROOM 8.54 by Dedey

    File info: Size: 179 kb. Version: 8.54 I make this tp room 20 minutes. Made by Dedey. Picture: http://img297.imageshack.us/i/tproom.png/ DOWNLOAD: exp.otbm