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  1. Paco

    OTClient The Bogwurm, Gloomwurm, and Rustwurm mount .obd sprite files.

    Anyone has the files to share? I wanna import them in my server with the object buildier! Thanks!
  2. Paco

    How to... (Item Editor)

    How to open a modified items.otb file? No matter what says it is unsported. Data with plug in xml and spr and dat signatures fit alright. What could be the problem? My server it's a 9.1 version with 30k+ item sprites.
  3. Paco

    TFS 0.X NPC System Module Problem

    NPC can't trade new custom IDS that I added via .xml npc file. I have to lua every npc for new ids. Is there a way to make it work for xml? What do I need to change in the modules? Thank You!
  4. Paco

    Boss Reward Code Help

    I have a problem with this code. When I set sendToDepot = true the item sent to depot is not 24856 is 24857. Why the ID increases? Please Help, and Thank You! local config = { ["Test"] = { loot =...
  5. Paco

    Lua Server is crashing right after Server Save

    Is there another method or something I can do? It crashes randomly like, once every 5 days or so... Here is the code: local config = { broadcast = {120, 30}, shallow = "no", delay = 120, events = 30 } config.shallow = getBooleanFromString(config.shallow) local function...
  6. Paco

    Best place to advertise an Open Tibia Server?

    As the title says, I need a way to make a prooper advertising. I've tried 2 not-so-known youtubers and I got like 50~ active players from México and Brazil. OTLand doesn't help to attract new players aswell. Any ideas guys? Or do you know any other famous youtubers interested in Open Tibia that...
  7. Paco

    Znote - Sometimes some players are not getting Points

    No errors, nothing. They just don't get points. It happends sometimes with some characters. Everything is configured properly, including IPN. What this could be? Any paypal changes or something?
  8. Paco

    [USA] [Custom] Rookgaard Tales

    Long time ago we all met on this place, each one of those memories burnt eternal in our hearts. After all these years this place remained silent... But we knew someday we will meet here again. Let us embrace everything what this nostalgic trip has to offer! I decied to take the lead and host...
  9. Paco

    Action Park Uniwheel

    It works like this: You tame the uniwheel using the golden can of oil and get the uniwheel's key. You can park the uniwheel on any place using the key and only you, and those who tammed the uniwheel too can use this key to turn on the uniwheel. So here's the script: actions.xml <action...