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  2. abes800

    This Game is sick (Watch Dogs)

    This game dangerous,Gonna be worth every penny. Check both videos. Cant wait! Are you going to buy it? post below if you will!
  3. abes800

    Who want to join This Paintball war?

    This would be fun as hell..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_z2CA-o13U Would you join this?
  4. abes800

    [Team hunt!] Gulliga Druiden[ED] and Sxuz[EK] life thread

    Hello :D, I want to share when we are gaming on the Server Shadowcores. Just created a character (28th May) there Hope you'll enjoy it! ;) Also I'm working on a project here on otland so I'm not gaming all the time, Watch us gaming live when we are online. Live Casts - ShadowCores...
  5. abes800

    Tjaa Grabbar Weed hemsida?

    Vet nån en bra Weed hemsida som man kan beställa från, Bara Inom sverige Nattport och drogport har jag föröskte att få invite men det värkar vara svårt. Skulle vara nice om nån har account på nattport som skulle va snäll och invite mig
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    Introduction, Hello, I'm offering you a good deal for the availability to listen to millions of songs on this program called Spotify. Spotify is a free digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs but unfortunately with ads and limited time of listening, unless you have...
  7. abes800

    F.lux highly recommended for gamers!

    I recommend this program for people who are home during the day and plays. Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow? Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen? During the day, computer screens look good—they're...
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    http://worldofavatar.servegame.com:8090//index.php/character/view/Gutao http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkzy7ZIrT9Y&feature=related Do someone know other server?? this server is empty
  9. abes800


    Guys can someone here give out items and money to me and some of my rl friends we are going to start here <----- 1000 POST!
  10. abes800

    Windows Bynacam 8.60

    this is maybe wrong thread i dont know :P Can someone please uplaod bynacam for 8.60? I really want to start doing tibia movies again :=)
  11. abes800

    Windows tibia dont work..

    i dont really know tibia dont work to me. when i try to logg in to a server it dosent work. but when i try on my laptop its works(same network.) can someone help me. i have try unistall and everyhting. open it with admin...
  12. abes800

    Webdesign What photoshop is best?

    if you want to design and make nice layouts what photoshop should i download?? this is maybe wrong Thread i dont really know :P
  13. abes800

    Facebook help.!

    guys if you want to remove your whole history. you need to remove 1 by 1 can someone make a script or something so everyhting gets removed??? its so fucking waste of time to klick 1 by 1 sry for my english ahah xD
  14. abes800

    Computer hjälp

    Kan nån säga om den här datan är bra. och om den räcker länge. JAG vill ha en spel data den ska kosta runt 5k-6k Produkttyp Stationär dator Modellnamn Acer AX3990_H Produktserie Aspire X Processor Typ av processor Intel Core i5 Nummer 2300 Antal kärnor (cores) 4 Hastighet...
  15. abes800

    i Really need help fast! with my sound and grafic!

    can someone give me a link there i can download a program that tells me what soundcard name i have and grafic card name and like that! please help
  16. abes800

    Buying Change my 112 rp for your 90+ mage

    i have a level 112 rp on lunara with dist 96 and ml 20 i want to change this character for a level 90+mage Because im bored of paladins , aint fun to play... screenshot will come soon!
  17. abes800

    HOW CAN I SEE HOW MUCH INTERNET my brother and parents is taking?

    i want to check how much internet they are using like 5 mbit or 10mbit. like that. its any program like that? if someone is download at my network i want to know it. please help I Rep++ btw this is maybe wrong thread?
  18. abes800

    Cant someone els uptate elf bot???

    it's shuld be really nice if someone can uptate elfbot.!! i mean someone els make same program or something like that. neobot sux really hard -.- talatulen or whats hes name shuld make same program like elfbot and everyone who use elfbot shuld pay after 3 month using elfbot. like nebot you...
  19. abes800

    Gaming [RL TIBIA] [ED Life Thread]

    Hello! I started RL-tibia for 1 week ago and now i'am going to start again on my 54 ED. I will share screenshots of advances and team hunts, pk. I HOPE YOU FOLLOW MY THREAD I start with 25k in balance :( I ONLY MANUEL. I DONT BOT! Goals Levels; * 60 * 80 * 90 * 100 ADDONS/MOUNTS...
  20. abes800

    [What will tibia do when ppl reach level 500 or higher?]

    in all worlds its like 3 over 400 i think. and the new spells sux like hell. exori max frigo exori gran frigo, exura ico, exusted on ue- what the f¨'ck are Cipsoft doing? i was going to start rl tibia but when i saw this new spells and exusted i said like HELL NO! -.- Scorpion Andree level...