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  1. Pedrook

    Ennis - Development Thread

    good job, following.
  2. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    Thanks, there are really many options, there are projects that you can look at to see if you like, among the phps, there is the castro that is in go / lua, mine has been in the javascript stack, react, node etc. I’ve never seen one in python, but I know it has. the good thing about current...
  3. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    this is the new layout of the characters page, what did you think? took some of the reference from the ox. we still have to search for the images of the respective deaths.
  4. Pedrook

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3/1.4. Clean downport.

    this is good, maybe I will deal with an old server that I have stopped, xd
  5. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    if one day i finish this, yes, there will be versions 7.4 nostalrius, old 8.60 etc. but I confess, that I have not wanted to finish this.
  6. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    this is still in development, I do not recommend putting it into production, but it will be used for other versions
  7. Pedrook

    Wallpaper Rookgaard

    wow, this is different, nice x)
  8. Pedrook

    AAC Myaac - Maximum guild members

    I don't understand the right php syntax, and the functions of myaac, but I think it's very simple, you will count how many people you already have in the guild_membership, and you will make a condition if it is bigger than you want, don't invite and send an error message.
  9. Pedrook

    Website Feedback

    it would work on an edge for the slider.
  10. Pedrook

    [Tool] Lua scripts Node Builder

    wow, it looks promising, this is beautiful too, good work.
  11. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    nowadays what differentiates one version to another is only the database, I have work on the 10x version schema, but in the future I will make a model for Nostalrius, or a database that uses id and not name, etc. But this is not a problem.
  12. Pedrook

    Webdesigner FreeLancer WebSite

  13. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    it's been a while since I haven't been here, I actually spent a long time doing nothing too. Until I came back very excited, bringing some news about Hati; Several modifications have been made, and caching is being implemented, so that you do not need to consult the api unnecessarily. The...
  14. Pedrook

    New AAC.. But not made in PHP

    very good, just start. The community will certainly give you incentives, for a long time, but don't drop it. Doing something like this is laborious and tiring, but as you said, it is for your studies, to get even deeper, so scold you. I started a 3 ~ 5 months aac too, soon got a job and didn't...
  15. Pedrook

    Tibian - An OTServ List for 2020

    good job, what technologies are being used? back and front?
  16. Pedrook

    I'm a graphic designer for hire

  17. Pedrook


  18. Pedrook

    Hati AAC

    Added dark mode;