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  1. ond

    [France] [7.4] Divinum | War-server

    Hello. Some of you might recognize who me and @Kaspar are. If not; we are two friends that used to host a war-server that some people enjoyed spending their time on. Well... We are back, and we are now launching our premium 7.4 based war-server. Our server is not suitable for everyone, since...
  2. ond

    Webdesigner Seeking: web developer (Znote AAC)

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can add/edit basic php-related functions and also restructure pages using tables. - OT: unknown for now - Job: Seeking developer - Website: Znote AAC Information regarding exactly what it is I need help with will be discussed in PM. Is this something you...
  3. ond

    7.4 - A custom made city

    Hello, I have this map of a custom made city me and @Kaspar made, we will never finish it, but perhaps someone will have use for it.
  4. ond

    [7.4] TFS 1.2

    Not sure what I need to write here but... Note: I have never used Github before, so if I made any mistakes you will know why. About: Based on a downgraded branch by ninjalulz, which according to the file 'definition.h' is TFS 1.2 Will load older otb/otbm(7.4 to 7.72) files 7.4 items.otb/otbm...
  5. ond

    [France] ONDZ Custom Client 7.x START IN LESS THAN 1 HOUR

    Ondz.net is a Cipsoft map inspired server with modifications. We have shaped the server in a way we believe will satisfy the old-school Tibia community. We have put a lot of effort on shaping the PvP aspect of the game. To give an example; if you attack someone, no matter what the situation...
  6. ond

    Ondz Real Map - Discussion

    Hello, Here we will discuss the coming of my and @ggwp 's future server. We both are called Ond and since we wanted to keep the name of the server short, we decided to go with Ondz as the name for the server. So what is Ondz exactly? Well... Ondz is a real map based server using the...
  7. ond

    Lua Calculating required mana to next magic level

    As the title implies, I need some help making a lua function that will return the mana needed for the next magic level. Server: OTHire (Based on OTServ, Legacy) Edit: This solution works: function onSay(cid, param, words) local data = { [1] = 1.1, [2] = 1.1, [3] =...
  8. ond


    Anyone in OTLand in to fishing? Just caught my first fish today. If you have pictures, do share!
  9. ond

    Suggestion Filter

    Not sure if this have been brought up before by someone else, if so I apologize. I wonder, first if it's possible already, or if not, a thing you can add? Thing is that I'm sick and tired of threads filling up the "What's New?" section from both Shadowcores and Lunarforce sections. Often...
  10. ond

    Luna server 7.4 Discussion thread

    Since the server-thread got locked, I made this thread instead to discuss. As I already told a few of you, the server is being worked on whenever I have time. I am currently (til the 16th January) very busy and will have minimum time. But every 15 minute I can spare is going to mapping (at...
  11. ond

    Raw Global Tibia map 7.6

    Raw Global Tibia map 7.6 I was first requesting this but since I found it, let's update the thread. Now whether this map is a converted result of the cipsoft map, or just tracked, I do not know. I do however think it's weird that some places that is "untrackable" for a normal player exists...
  12. ond

    [Sweden] Luna 7.4

    Server started 2012-06-19 - 18:00 CET Hello, I would like to advertise a little bit about my server. It's formerly known as Crying-Dog, but I have decided to put a new name on it due to its changed status/config. It's a more long-time project than the others have been, with a lower exp-rate...
  13. ond

    Testing bots [Realistic-War]

    First of all, I have no idea in hell where to post this so I guess "support" is okey. Anyway, I need someone who can test black-d and tibiaauto on my custom client. If anyone could help me with this, would be great. If plans work out as I hope, I will launch realistic-war with custom...
  14. ond

    [Sweden] Crying-Dog 7.4 Custom Map - Start 2012-04-27 - 18:00

    Server is offline Server has recently been up but with flaws and some problems that occur made people quit the server. Now with some changes along with a reset of accounts and players, I hope the server will get more popular. I've increased the beginning stage of the experience, and made new...
  15. ond

    [Sweden] Crying-Dog 7.4 - Custom Client/Custom Map

    SERVER WILL RE-START 2012-04-27 - 18:00 CET Server is currently OFFLINE Hello everyone, I'm about to put my server up, Crying-Dog. For those of you who haven't played it before, I will bring you some information about it below this text. Also just adding that not much has changed on it except...
  16. ond

    [France] Realistic-War 7.4 - Custom Client

    [France] Realistic-War 7.4 Realistic-War Server is currently offline (Updated: 2015-04-15) Quick information: Custom Client Revamped Thais map Private accounts and characters Protocol: 7.4 with DX9 and Open GL support Online 24/7 Hosted in Europe Unlimited runes and ammunition Old Rune and...
  17. ond

    [Sweden] Crying-Dog 7.4 Custom Client - Start 27th January

    SERVER IS NOW ONLINE! I've decided to put up my custom map project called Crying-Dog. The client version is 7.4 but using an edited client to prevent people using cheats. It has been online once before and the community was really great also the wars that occured was actually pretty intense...
  18. ond

    [Sweden] Realistic-War 7.4

    Hello, I decided to put realistic-war online again. > Custom Client (can be downloaded at website) (updated) > Private accounts > Level 50s > Modified Thais map with some nice epic quests > Online 24/7 > Unlimited ammo & runes > Type: War-Server/PvP-Enforced > Frag counter ingame & at the...
  19. ond

    [Sweden] Crying-Dog 7.4

    Status: Online Server started. Rates: > Experience Stages: From level 1 to 20 = 25x From level 21 to 40 = 20x From level 41 to 60 = 10x From level 61 to 80 = 8x From level 81 to 100 = 6x From level 101 to 120 = 5x From level 121 to 99 = 4x Magic: 8x Skill: 9x Loot: 2x...
  20. ond

    Compiling DeActivate monsters in Avesta

    I wonder if someone could help me figure out how to deactivate monster in avesta when: You are not on the same floor or in their targetList if(targetList.empty()){ isActivated = false; } Something like this above Also, the monsters should Not deactivate when player is invisible! Thanks in...