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  1. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ the / i command will not work

    TFS 1.4 10.98 official the /i command will not work . there are no errors in the console I will add that when I used znote, the command worked after moving to myaac the command stopped working.
  2. danio4don

    does not update hp and mana after changing the level in phpmyadmin

    does not update hp and mana after changing the level in phpmyadmin how to update it? tfs 1.4 10.98
  3. danio4don

    tfs 1.3 compile windows error

    Hello. I wanted to compile tfs 1.3 on windows but I get this message https://prnt.sc/1b89gil how to fix it?
  4. danio4don

    NPC Sam warning

    Hello. I have a problem with npc Sam. why do these notifications pop up? how to fix it?
  5. danio4don

    otclientv8 android trade doesn't work

    Hello. I am using otclientv8 on android. when i want to trade with npc it doesn't react to the word trade
  6. danio4don

    tfs 1.3 warning console

    What is it about?
  7. danio4don

    myacc tibia layout baner

    anyone knows how to remove this banner in myaac tibiacom layout
  8. danio4don

    I can't get through the bars

    maybe you know why I can't pass through this area for an ordinary player these grids are white only gm I can pass. and in the map editor I have nothing set on these boxes
  9. danio4don

    client 12.64 ubuntu

    Hello. is it possible to run tibia 12.64 on linux ubuntu? I mean how to edit a linux client to my IP 1619292253 when trying to run through wine. then an error pops up
  10. danio4don

    myaac error Buy points

    Hello. I have such a problem, after turning on the shop in the myaac settings, there is a shop only when I click on whatever it is, a 404 error
  11. danio4don

    npc in two languages

    Hello. once on the forum I saw a script that gave the choice of npc language, etc. I mean the npc would speak two languages. has anyone got such a script under tfs 1.3?
  12. danio4don

    MyAAC translate theme

    Hello. I wanted to translate pages in myaac but when translating them in html/system/templates np account.login.html.twig it is translated in the files and it is still in English on the website. no matter what files I translate, everything is in English on the website. for example, I...
  13. danio4don

    tibia 12.64 error login

    Hello. I have a problem with a client 12.64. when I try to log in, something like this pops up I am using myaac and I have the plugin installed in the client I changed the ip everything worked. recently I tried to login and something like that popped up
  14. danio4don

    tibia client 12.64

    hello I have a question. how to get a dat file from the client 12.64 and spr
  15. danio4don

    znote aac problems

    I have a problem with tags in the editor. I don't know why, but the markers are on a white background so you can't see anything anyone knows how to fix it 1615668906 layout is Arkonia Online
  16. danio4don

    npc error

    Hello. when I want to buy a label from npc, something pops up in the console Lua Script Error: [Npc interface] (Unknown scriptfile) data/npc/lib/npcsystem/modules.lua:981: attempt to call method 'getTotalMoney' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'getTotalMoney'...
  17. danio4don

    TFS 1.3 error console

    Hello, I need help. something like that popped up in the console. does anyone know how to fix it? 1613749791 I fixed a little. now that problem remained 1613750251 when logging into the game something pops up 1613750796 already fixed CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS towns ( id int(11) NOT...
  18. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ NPC Cipfriend error

    TFS 1.3 10.98 npc Cipfriend please help.
  19. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ bankier script error

    I have a problem with the banker. an error pops up after typing the deposit command I will add that other balance commands are working properly
  20. danio4don

    TFS 1.X+ Otclientv8 tfs compile

    is there someone who will compile this tfs for windows or debian? I just mean the boot file? thank you very much https://github.com/OTCv8/forgottenserver debian file or .exe :)