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  1. Kiwi Dan

    [8.6] TFS 0.4 - Rev 5885 - 8.6 - Fixed Bugs

    Have you tried using the NPC libs for the actual version? That being... 5885?
  2. Kiwi Dan

    (VOTE) Which internet browser best!

    I use google chrome, firefox and opera. IE is only any good for downloading other browsers IMO, it's a laugh that it's even on the list XD
  3. Kiwi Dan

    OpenTibia Custom Item Merger

    I made this code for those that always want to keep up to date with 9.7 items or changing distros... Having custom items and then having to keep up with all the modifications in the latest svn can be a nightmare! So you copy over all your custom items into from.log like: <item id="383"...
  4. Kiwi Dan

    [9.1+] Talking Signs

    Good job! Just one note, I tested this on 8.6 and it can make the account manager keep saying 'I don't understand you~' spamming it - making the account manager almost useless. I changed your code a little to fix it. function notAccMan(people) local thing = 1 for v, cid in...
  5. Kiwi Dan

    Zombie event - NEW version, bug free, updated

    Great script! Thanks very much! For any one with this error: [28/06/2012 12:36:49] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [28/06/2012 12:36:49] data/creaturescripts/scripts/zombie/onthink.lua:onThink [28/06/2012 12:36:49] Description: [28/06/2012 12:36:49] (luaGetCreatureTarget) Creature...
  6. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] {9.8+} Bravera: Reloaded - global Tibia without the grind!

    All the best with your project Wangsta, I admire your dedication!
  7. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 3.0 [9.6]

    We have added the famous Zombies event. Each time someone wins the event they get 5 chances into the weekly five free points event draw!
  8. Kiwi Dan

    Znote AAC 1.4 - [TFS 0.2.13+] & [TFS 0.3.6+/0.4]

    Hey Znote, I checked the svn of znoteAAC and thought of a potential solution to the storagevalue issue just randomly (posted 24 days ago.) Perhaps you could use globalevents onthink system that queries the database for new storagevalues that need to be set (sent by the website), then checks if...
  9. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 3.0 [9.6]

    Appreciate the kind words Vandet! Update: Everyone now has a chance to get free premium accounts each week! Weekly Free Premmy Draw All you gotta do is login for 10 mins on any given day and you get 5 entries in the draw, 10 enteries on the final day of the week if you have logged in for 10 mins...
  10. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 3.0 [9.6]

    Login to get 7 free premmy days, and if you're new you can get 14 all up by liking our facebook page! Want to win 10 free points? Go into the draw by answering a simple question here: What would you like... | Facebook Updates: A lot of fixes have been made to help improve with pvp/and abuse...
  11. Kiwi Dan


    Don't know you but hey there you go :P
  12. Kiwi Dan

    Intellisult - An intelligent way to insult.

    iLate is a preposterously sybaritic degenerate and a miserable disease-ridden mass of neuroses and pathologies. Afff iLate posted before I could insult Znote :(
  13. Kiwi Dan

    Don't use paypal never ever!

    I agree with J.Dre, I have saved a lot of money by simply giving them a friendly call.
  14. Kiwi Dan

    My OT Blog - Who is destroying the old school community?

    Enjoying the blog Sammy, well written and informative :D. It's cool to hear what actually happened during those events.
  15. Kiwi Dan

    RME MOD 9.6 for RME 2.2 by Zbizu

    Awesome, been wanting this for a while! Thanks ;D
  16. Kiwi Dan

    [USA] Kiwi Server 3.0 [9.6]

    Zao Beta has now been released, it has a whole lot of custom monsters in it for a wide level range. Please visit Kiwi 3.0 | Kiwi Server 3.0 for more information.
  17. Kiwi Dan

    How To Protect Ur PC From Hacking !

    I've tried a vast range of anti-viruses... Norton, Avast, Kaspersky, BitDefender, Macafee, AVG and loads of others my personal recommendation for Windows XP is ESET Smart Security for overall performance and protection. Remember you get what you pay for and be careful when mixing a whole lot of...
  18. Kiwi Dan

    Ocera is the worst server ever

    That's pure craziness :O, a waste of a dedicated server =(
  19. Kiwi Dan

    Leaked baby pics of bogart

    Never so no to Bogart :o
  20. Kiwi Dan

    What happened to Open-Tibia?

    Ahh I see where you guys are coming from. People expect everything to be spoonfed to them. Perhaps instead of telling the noobs exactly what to do we should recommend them searching for a specific keyword or redirect them to tutorials or websites on lua/xml. Otherwise they will keep asking you...