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  1. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Very good!! Thanks for the corrections, I'll update in the thread. Congratulations on your attitude!
  2. Totten

    [MyAAC] [Plugin] Auction System

    Yes, you can change it smoothly. You will only need to change the checks on the .lua part, the site plugin is responsible for the graphic part that displays on the site, but the entire script part is in .lua on the server, so you are free to change it to the way you see fit. .
  3. Totten

    AAC Myaac top guilds/kages

    You can put the code in your news.php, before <? Php if (isset ($ _ GET ['archive'])). Soon you will display the players with the highest link before your list of guilds. Something like this: You can find the news.php file on your site / system / pages / news.php 1614169683 Thank you very...
  4. Totten

    Webdesigner FreeLancer WebSite

    Hello, for those who don't know me my name is Waliston, better known as Endless, student of Systems Analysis and Development, and developer of Falcon Games. I have been working in the OtServer Branch since 2017, but since 2019 I have been specializing in Web Development and Web Security. For...
  5. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    To solve the items problem, you can use this tutorial to export your items in .png https://otland.net/threads/items-and-outfits-images-generator-for-website-0-1-1.271231/ After that go to config.php and go to 'item_images_url' there you define the folder directory that will contain your items...
  6. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    Try using the admin-add.html.twig file located in the system / templates / gesior-shop-system / admin-add.html.twig directory You will add a new <option> to the select tag in line 3: And in the function updateFields you add the new category. Then in your gifts.php file you should add the...
  7. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    It is possible to change yes, you need to access your database and in the table z_shop_categories you can change the name and description, or even add / remove a category. It is worth remembering that the value of the name column is what will refer to it by the z_shop_offers table in your...
  8. Totten

    [MyAAC] [Plugin] Auction System

    Export your items, tutorial: OpenTibia - Items and outfits images generator for website 0.1.1 (https://otland.net/threads/items-and-outfits-images-generator-for-website-0-1-1.271231/) You will need to export your outfits and set up the directory in the config.php file. // images...
  9. Totten

    [MyAAC] [Plugin] Auction System

    This is Auction System, converted to MyAAC. Tested to 0.3.6 / 0.4 Configuration you can find in files: system/pages/auction.php Demo: Installation: Download the plugin Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select myaac-auction-system.zip and click upload. Thats all! Place the...
  10. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I hadn't really thought about using IN instead of several ORs. I will definitely accept your tip and apply it in the plugin, thanks !!
  11. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Thank you for your feedback. I didn't really realize that, I did it based on 1 Derived from NTO and normally these servers don't have weapons of other genres besides club / distance.
  12. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Glad to have helped
  13. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] List Of Items

    Hello people, today I came to make available to you a Plugin for MyAAC that I developed where the function is to list all items on your server by category. A little about him: Well, the Plugin was developed so that both lay people and people more familiar with PHP can use it. The Plugin is easy...
  14. Totten

    Center Image (Sprite)

    Hello, I have a problem, I need to centralize the image of the characters and following the @4drik tutorial center creature img (https://otland.net/threads/center-creature-img.254934/) the problem is that now the right side of the character is under the floor. How can I do to write the...
  15. Totten

    How to change color of tables | Tibia Layout

    It is very likely that this background color will be defined in the global configuration file. Go to your site's characters.html file, and confirm which background is being assigned that line. Likely to vary between 2 variables, you should access your server's global config.php, you should find...
  16. Totten

    AAC Automatic PicPay for MyAAC

    Hello, recently a developer developed an automatic payment system using Picpay for Gesior. Link to publication: Implementação PicPay-Didático (https://tibiaking.com/forums/topic/100318-implementa%C3%A7%C3%A3o-picpay-did%C3%A1tico/) However, I was wondering if it would be possible to adapt...
  17. Totten

    Add Widget Count Event

    Hello, I am using the MyAAC platform developed by slawkens and I would like to know if it is possible to add an event counter on my website, thus always showing the next server event. (The events have the times configured in my globalevents.xml), but if it is not possible to make the site...
  18. Totten

    Outfit Images - 10.99

    How do I export outfits directly from my server, my server is an alternative tibia (Naruto)
  19. Totten

    MyAAC v0.8.6

    @slawkens Hi, How do I make the site automatically recognize my server's sprites instead of using those from Tibia?
  20. Totten

    [MyAAC][Plugin] Gesior Shop System

    I would like to know, how do I change the name of the shop "vector"? For example, you have Items / Addons / Mounts / Premium Account. I would like to change the name Addons to Skin. Below I will leave a photo as an example. @slawkens