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  1. Andréew

    [Tutorial] Effective layout and paths

    Effective layout and paths Mappers Guild Tutorial Written by: Andreew Introduction I want to talk about layout, having a good layout ensures that the game’s movement flows for the user. Achieving this will ensure the most pleasant gameplay and enhance your maps a lot. remember that this is my...
  2. Andréew

    Mappers guild

    Hello friends! Me and Mackan have started a new Discord server for people who are or want to become mappers. It's based on the idea of the open-source community where we learn from and help each other. The goal is to get mappers to work together more and open up the scene for those who haven't...
  3. Andréew

    [10.98] Classic tibian city.

    Hello boys and gals. found this town i made awhile back and wanted to share it with you guys. Its a kind of newer style of a classic looking town, might be useful for someone. Here are some preview pictures aswell, Have at it everyone! oh and btw, like all the cities i have released this...
  4. Andréew

    Andreew's showoff

    Since my previous thread is mostly dead links/pictures and i can't edit them i start a new one. Hello boys and girls. In this thread i will post pictures of my maps, i might upload images of old maps aswell from my previous thread at times. hope you like what you see. 1.
  5. Andréew

    Clean tfs compile.

    Like topic says, I need the newest github TFS compiled for windows 10, 64 bit. For some reason i cant compile it myself ( done it before, followed same tutorial and everything it just does not work.) all i actually want this for is to be able to take ingame screenshots of my maps. if you want...
  6. Andréew

    page numbers, Mobile version.

    After the release of the new forum that was a couple months ago, one thing that i have been thinking of when scrolling on my phone is that when you open a thread you have to scoll all the way down to get to be able to jump to next page or latest page and so on. would be great to be able to do...
  7. Andréew

    Looking for spriter!

    Hello guys! Im looking for a spriter that wants to do some Job, this is however not tibia related. Looking for someone who can make a Sprite sheet/tile set for a top down perspective like the old Zelda games. Pm me for more info. Peace.
  8. Andréew

    Andreew's Showoff.

    Was thinking of actually doing a sprite once in a while, this might not be the most active thread but will be updated every once in a while. Hope you like it. ps. kinda noob on this so.. No sprites are free to use. If you would like to use them send me a PM, You will most likely get my...
  9. Andréew

    [10.98] Desert City.

    Here it goes friends! a desert city i've been doing for the community to use for free. I hope it comes to use for some of you. atleast give y'all some inspiration. here is a preview. Hope you like it. peace.
  10. Andréew

    Which and why do you choose?

    I want to know which Tibian city they want to be revamped, and why.. Depending on results and so on i might revamp "the winner" and release it to the forum. Cheers
  11. Andréew

    OnUse get mount.

    Hey boys and girls. I need your help with making a script that should be fairly easy for one who knows what the heck ya doing :eek: alright lets get to it. i need a script kind of like this (not my code, credits to @andypsylon) local c = {17, 22, 23, 24, 25} function onUse(cid, item...
  12. Andréew

    TFS 1.2 with 11.xx client

    has anyone made this happen? and if so how? been searching, trying and come up empty handed.. Thank you for your time.
  13. Andréew

    Mapper Any freelance mapper who is interested in making a desert city?

    Hello, as the title says " Desert city" thats whats on the table right now. If you are interested PM me and we will discuss further. ps. if you are not "known" by the community and i have not seen any of your works, please have some photos ready to send me :) Bump Bumperino, no one wants to...
  14. Andréew

    Uniserv MySQL errors?

    So i did a reinstallation with windows on my computer, blew everything out.. so its just like new! however i got a problem, i download Uniserver and when i start it, the usual " Set a new root password bla bla " comes up. i write in my password and then i wait for a pretty long time and i get an...
  15. Andréew

    Lua Summon floorchange

    Hey guys! i have this piece of code i found here on the forum made by @azzkaban, i edited it abit to my likings. tho to the point, i would like do know how to add so that the summon will get teleported to me if im to far away or change floor. here is the code, im using TFS 1.2 local combat =...
  16. Andréew

    Merry Christmas OTland!

    Merry Christmas guys! I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday!
  17. Andréew

    [SOLVED] Random loot in crates/boxes

    Hi guys! The basic idea is that when you open a box or crate ( Id's : 1738,1739,1741 ) there might or might not be an item or several items. I was thinking that maybe it can be done with a action script, onUse. with a 30% chance that you get nothing at all, and like 20% that you get 5-50 gold...
  18. Andréew

    New Fishing system for TFS 1.1

    I use TFS 1.1 Hey guys! I would like to have a script or several (if needed) that will change the fishing system, i will describe to you what i had in mind :) When you fish, you will be able to randomly get different kinds of fish. When you caught a fish weight will be determined randomly and...
  19. Andréew

    Andreew's Showoff.

    Hi guys. I will try to update as often as possible. Some works might be reworks. Some Pictures might be older and you can have seen them before in the "post your latest map" thread. Any feedback is appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  20. Andréew

    What is spell id?

    Exactly what is spell id? spellid="118" what does it do? does it have to do with spell icons and if so how do i decide which icon my custom spell will have? <instant group="attack" spellid="118" name="Eternal Winter" words="exevo gran mas frigo" lvl="60" mana="1050" prem="1" selftarget="1"...